Furry Bros is a place built on family, care, understanding, and mutual respect. We are a fast-growing family that genuinely cares about its members. In our server, we have channels for general conversations, roleplaying, gaming, art, cars, and adult content! Come check us out!
A decent furry server focused on bringing furs closer together, for those escaping inter-server conflict and wanting to resolve drama in a drama free environment.
〔 Wholesome Vibes ♡ 〕 »»————- ♡ ————-«« ⋆ A fun, safe & loving environment! ⋆ Positive & Wholesome vibes! ⋆ Any toxicity isn't tolerated ⋆ Plenty of great bots to mess with ⋆ We have Mee6 Premium + Levelling Roles! ⋆ Looking for possible future staff »»————- ♡ ————-««
Just a sweet and welcoming server for friendly people. Come stop by and play some games or maybe drink a cup of tea and just be social. This is a welcoming and friendly server for all. We love you all ♥
Welcome to the corner! Your usual friendly community server, there's not much different. We have a few friendly members and this server puts an emphasis on being lgbt friendly, no toleration for homophobia/sexism/xenophobia and the like. We have a few bots in the server and the server is being worked on so post your suggestions in the suggesitons channel!
Hi, I own a server called "welcome to work". please join! We've got tons of roles and fun channels to talk in. We even have voice channels! please join! It's really small we hope it will grow. please join! Thanks for reading. please join! - Naly/Bubble
- Become a subject or rule over your own realm - Games - Discussions - Many fun bots - Lvl XP roles - Mystical dungeon bloop - Empress for sale to the highest bidder - PARTNERING NOW! and more! - Be a part of a community and have fun while you're at it See you there!
Sunnyside is a server meant for those who want a comfortable and friendly space to chat, make friends, and have fun in. We look forward to seeing you there! 💖 What we have to offer: ✨ Friendly community ✨ Wholesome and caring atmosphere ✨ Active chat ✨ Active voice chats ✨ Variety of channels ✨ Self assignable roles ✨ 0 toxicity tolerance
are you tired of large servers that don't feel like a real tight-knit community of people that genuinely care about each other? then estella is the place for you!
A server that revolves around black men, for teens who like black men and want more of them. This is not a nsfw server but there is nsfw for 18+, it is just a server for a bunch of likeminded teenagers to talk
here in camp kecti... ❀ everyone is nice ❀ people listen to what you have to say ❀ you can vent ❀ you can tell stories ❀ share your interests | benefits of joining: we care for you ❀ everyone is accepted ❀ safe space ❀ fun activities ❀ loving community !! | (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) see you soon, camper!