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Sports | Community | Investing
Let us do the research so you can enjoy sports while making money. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to change your sports betting profits forever! Members made over $500,000+ in 2023.
SharpLine Sports Discord Server Banner
SharpLine Sports Discord Server Banner
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Sports | Community | Investing
Let us do the research so you can enjoy sports while making money. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to change your sports betting profits forever! Members made over $500,000+ in 2023.
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PC | Bot
We are a dahood cash selleing server. we have chep price , fast and for 1m it is 65 robux and we take paypal to 0.50$,and we have som proofs and vouch. we doing givways join!!!!
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Beliefs | Social
Join this server and meet a new community members and get involved
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Community | Anime
Senpai's Domain! ?? ??? ? ????????? ????? ?????? ! ????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????! We offer a wide channel selection and are always adding more ! Looking For Dope Respectful Members! Please let us welcome you to your new home What Senpai's Domain Offer ?General hangouts and gaming lounges ? Music channels where you can listen freely to a variety of offered music bots or even rap battle against other users ? Active mini-games such as Cards Against Humanity, Pokecord, and much more!! ? The community has many options to have fun, meet, and engage with other members ! ?
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Anime | Emoji
Join us as we hope to treat you well ??
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Beliefs | Education
This is a friendly Christian server!
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Community | Gaming
R.U.G.H - Respectful Understanding Gaming Community. We are a community that does NOT stand for toxicity, abusiveness, or Harassment... Really just a Non-toxic server in general at least that's what we are aiming for so feel free to join and have fun! ---- A brief description of what the community is about!
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Welcome to my Discord server, I made this just for updates on my music and news and shit like that, some shit you wanna know, some shit you don't, anything to your liking, you can also vibe to music here whenever, just let people know to hop in a VC with you if you want, tryna grow my fanbase and get out there Details about the owner **Label Owner:Money Matters** **Singer/Songwriter:That1neKidd** Details about the Manager **Very good friends with the owner** **Kind and friendly** Details about the people under the mf himself **Good friends of the owner** **All very kind and friendly** Details about the producer **Not a single question should go to him, more than likely busy** **Not very active, usually working on art or beats** Details about OC Productions **Music Video Filmer** **IRL Friend of the owner** That's about it.
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Gaming | Community
This is a server where you game and talk with people. Evryone on the server is nice and respectful. The main language on the server is English. I hope to see you there.
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Entertainment | Language
? : Are you looking for a server that where you can chill and find a new friends? ? : This server is what you're looking for !! ? : **Welcome to Girlbosses ? Server** , A Filipino And English server that where you can have fun ?: ̗̀➛This server is a Sfw server ?: ̗̀➛ LGBTQ Friendly ?: ̗̀➛ Kid Friendly ・❥・What We Offer・❥・ 《?》✎Daily Facts 《?》✎Latest news around the world 《?》✎Reaction roles 《?》✎Bot games 《?》✎Partnership ・❥・What You Can Do・❥・ 《?》✎Chat 《?》✎Make new friends 《?》✎You can chat here in different languages. ?•.¸₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚ˏˋ°•⁀➷Our goal is to provide everyone with a welcoming environment where they can interact with other people and form lifelong friendships and bonds.
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Community | Social
this server is meant to have something for anything that anyone wants to chill talk and find something the like
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Education | YouTuber
ENGLISH only. I don't want a server for "nice people" I want respect and real connection - effort for effort. How much you will invest into the server YOU WILL GET BACK GUARANTEED. Also say Hi to Ariana Grande for me ?
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Entertainment | Community
Hello! Looking for a fun server to join? Here it is! in this server, it has challenges for example, Would you rather team challenges different teams and Many More! Every member here is respecfull if not, you can report them in the report channel! You can join anytime! You are welcome to join! And make sure to get verified from the verify channel and you can get many roles by the would you rather channel and get-role channel! And you can suggest some cool stuff in our server in suggest channel so we can add in future! Have fun!
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Bot | Community | Entertainment
Server Manager provides servers with features such as, leveling, giveaways, member verification, join gate, invite tracking, event logging and moderation.
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Bot | Community | Entertainment
Server Manager provides servers with features such as, leveling, giveaways, member verification, join gate, invite tracking, event logging and moderation.
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╰──── ➤ Chit Chat ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ ┃⌦ A server where you can chill, chat with friends, and make new ones! 〉 We offer: ๑꒱ A nice community/layout! ๑꒱ Bots you can use! ๑꒱ Staff tryouts! ๑꒱ Self Roles! ╭───────── ⊹˚. ╰─► Come join us! ┃⌦ ⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢⌢
Army Of People Icon
Mature | Social
☆ Mature members ☆ Small tight-knit community ☆ Custom roles and channels ☆ Weekly server events ☆ Regular VC
Community | Gaming
Community and conversation server that allow you to try make some new friends and having fun
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Community | Gaming
Welcome to the Chill Community a discord server that's main focus is to unite people from all over the world to chat and express them self in there own way a place that people are kind and respectful also treated equally.
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A server for twd fans! SFW + semi-active + non-toxic Welcoming and friendly staff Obviously TWDU related stuff here such as: • Discussions • News • Fun Polls • Debates • Quizzes Interested? feel free to join, we can’t wait to have you:
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Entertainment | Community
hello this sever is kid friendly respectful to all new members kind staffs and you and no nfsw and spamming it will be so much fun if you joined the discord server
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Social | Community
A fresh, happy, peaceful and cozy place to relax, chat, share ideas, subjects and basically everything that brings positivity. You must be above 18 years old to stay in our server! Hey you, I am Donnie, second owner of a cozy looking server made by a very passionate woman. I am basically the one who helps out where needed and lets the rest run by Blume, the founder of our server. As we are still new, we're looking for friendly, loving and respectful people to vibe along with and eventually create a wonderful place to grow bonds and ofcourse and hopefully friendships with. If you're fine with a server that has just been planted and would love to take part in our growth, please do join us! We'll be happy to welcome you and make you take part of every aspect this server has to offer.
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Gaming | Community
Welcome to our new Discord Server named World of Gamers, the ultimate hangout for gamers of all stripes! We're all about diverse video games and lively chats. No matter your gaming tastes, you're invited to this inclusive community where respect reigns. Our roles system is a work in progress and will soon allow you to proudly display the languages you speak, your preferred game titles like Valorant, CS:GO, and more, as well as your age and gender. Share your gaming highs, seek tips, and relish friendly discussions. But it's not only games – it's the camaraderie. We're crafting a space where everyone fits. So, join us! Whether you're a battle-worn pro or new to the scene, our server's virtual doors are open for you. Let's play, chat, and connect in this exciting journey!
cup of love 🍵💖 Icon
Hobbies | Community
💖 cup of love 💖 Hey toi 🤗! tu cherche un agréable serveur où tu pourrais discuter💬 & partager ce que t'aimes dans le respect✨? Super 🌟! Ce petit serveur a pour objectif de créer une agréable communauté ^^, dans laquelle on peut discuter et partager ces passions❤️ ! Voici les sujets dispo 😉 : 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ anime✨ 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ jeux vidéo 🎮 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ gacha🍃 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ littérature 📚 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ arts 🖌️ 。⁠*゚⁠+✧⁠◝ à VOUS de choisir le reste 💖 Ce serveur vient d'ouvrir ! On est en recherche d'idées ^^ ( et des gens aussi😂 ) Finalement c'est pas ce que tu cherche 🧐? Alors qu'est ce que t'attends😊 ? 💕Viens donc faire un tour !💕
CAT LOVERSSS (anyone is welcome) Icon
Community | LGBT
a server for people who love cats (or just any people in general!!) we have many good bots:3 we do fun things like: movie nights, karaoke, etc:DD
Your Story | Chapter 2 Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Imagination and traditions has long disappeared. For millennia, humanity forgets its purpose, and war ensues that never stops rising. But even with all the trauma - death, slavery, and experiments - hope arises again when individuals rediscover a dream... Hello! Server owner talking here. I made this server so that I can base it from a book I am making called Ol' Great World of War and Wonder, or OGWOWAW for short! OGWOWAW has its own unique lore that is just a twist of A:TLA, LOTR, and the monsterverse. I have put a lot of effort into this writing and imagination so that I could make it feel like a rollercoaster, and I had hope that people maybe able to immerse their own character into it. You Should Know: - The Server Owner has a strict discord schedule. If you want an owner that's online 24/7, then this not a server for you Requirements to Join: - You must be over the age of 14+ - You mustn't be disrespectful of others - Don't use fowl language
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Anime | Community
We are a chill community and we are hoping to grow our popularity. Check us out! We have anime and games.