Community focused on anime, games, and more! We also have friendly staff and overall wholesome conversations.
Nice, kind and friendly people. Looking to grow bigger, The Astral is a community where you matter. We accept everyone.
This is a LGBTQ+ community, we are a relatively new and small server at the moment, we hope to see you around our kingdom grounds! We provide; custom roles (not all set up yet), our server is not 100% finished yet.
This is a LGBTQ+ community, we are a relatively new and small server at the moment, we hope to see you around our kingdom grounds! We provide; custom roles (not all set up yet), our server is not 100% finished yet.
Solace (n.) - Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Solace aims to bring people together to help each other through tough times and to live even slightly better lives through a relaxed, safe, kind community with open arms. We love meeting new people and we would love to meet you!
Looking for a kind community to have deep discussions with? Or just a place to share your art! Hell, if you wanna browse for some good memes come along too! We have custom roles, colored roles, kind staff and have been around for over a year! We have 100 members and cant wait to make it 101 :)
We are The Cantina! We are a Star Wars centered server! We also talk about comics, movies, merch, and more! We have a friendly community for all things Star Wars!
Hi, I own a server called "welcome to work". please join! We've got tons of roles and fun channels to talk in. We even have voice channels! please join! It's really small we hope it will grow. please join! Thanks for reading. please join! - Naly/Bubble
Hello! I invite you to join my server, it's quite small but I'm sure it will grow. We keep things friendly and fun, a great place if you're looking to make some friends and/or have a chat. Hopefully, I'll see you there. - Naly/Bubble
Want to grow a nice and friendly community, and help pepole if they need help with something.
We are very kind and nice.
Active VC every night America time Growing group of friends welcoming new people
hey! we have a Discord server that yall can enter to do random shit like: - Gain Discord Coins By being active and Buy your own roles / Channels! - Listen to Music with Kind and Nice people - Spread your own music and get heard by producers and Rappers Alike! - Talk About anything you like with us, Serious or not. - Wanna hang out with Some nice peeps? Our place is Perfect for that - Wanna meet some new Friends? be sure to Check in!
We are Outrun. We are the future. The bright florescent lights attract anyone. The clubs are lively, the concerts are the best, the food is brilliant and the people are the kindest. The metropolis controls minds into thinking everything is okay, but is it really? This is something for you to find out. This is a task for you. Will you rebel against the metropolis, or will you join them? Either way, we have skyskrapers that go above the clouds and carry on into a seemlingly other demention. Do you want to sit back and relax, or do you want to uncover the secrets of this futuristic city? Join us. You will not regret. That is our promise to you.
【Welcome to Anime X Life】 ------------------------------------------- This server is supposed to be for people who likes anime but it really doesn't matter anymore. People here are kind and friendly and we're always up to chat. You can talk about anime and other stuff like memes here. Right now we don't have many active members so feel free to join and invite your friends, we'll enjoy your company!
Community Server for anyone who enjoys video games, and talking to people in general!
Welcome to The Giveaways and AD World! This server is about advertising, finding AD buyers, partnering, and having fun! Here you can advertise any discord server We also have J4J channel We have Partnership channels too you can join us have partnership with us We also do giveaways!! Daily/weekly/monthly giveaways Such as  steam keys, metal dungeon and much more. Join and participate! Everything to keep every member satisfied come and join us! We hope you all advertisers join this and start advertising here too!
Reincarnating Humanity is a safe social space for everyone. Please read the description for more information.
Hub Central, Hub, Central, Social, Community
very vibechekiest server :3
a very organized server when you join, you have to verify yourself to make sure you're not a bot (by clicking a reaction on the message)~ the rules consist of no drama, no venting (please get help or contact a close friends' DMS), no self promo, no spam, no racism, sexism, or any innapropriate language, and more. this server is pleasing for the eyes, sparkles everywhere! there are staff ranks that you can apply for~ ✧・゚-✧・゚ private and general text/voice chats that you can earn by chatting often and being a trusted user of the server! there is a suggestion channel where you can suggest things that could possibly make the server better!
wholesome, kind, anime
A decent furry server focused on bringing furs closer together, for those escaping inter-server conflict and wanting to resolve drama in a drama free environment.
Gaming & Anime Besides that? a Kind Family! PG-13*