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Chill community that VCs here and there. Come join the fun and chill with us. Owo bot, dank memer, mee6 and more! Nitro classic giveaway at 100 members : ) Full Nitro giveaway at 200??? Happy to see you! 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。
Community | Anime
Nice & Active Community ❤ 24/7 VC ⭐ Relaxed Atmosphere ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ Custom Bots & AI ⭐ 500 emoji's ⭐ And more!
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You like nekos? Then join NekoSquad! It's all about Nekos, having fun and overall just being happy! We'll do our best to make you happy! It all started as a club on the another server, but turned into being a discord because of too many members! There for we'll try to reach so many members from all across the discord to be the Nr.1 Happiest server!
Social | Community
We are a friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, sharing and have fun! We are a brand new server trying to form and grow a nice community. So what do we offer? 🍑Themed channels 🍑Advertising Channel 🍑Selfies Channel 🍑Self Assignable Colors 🍑Friendly staff 🍑Memes 🍑Game Night 🍑Music Bot 🍑Over 20+ self assign roles
Social | Community
We are a friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, sharing and have fun! We are a brand new server trying to form and grow a nice community. So what do we offer? 🍑Themed channels 🍑Advertising Channel 🍑Selfies Channel 🍑Self Assignable Colors 🍑Friendly staff 🍑Memes 🍑Game Night 🍑Music Bot 🍑Over 20+ self assign roles
Community | Gaming
happy lil tree garden, tell us what trees or aspects of nature you like. warm with a pleasant breeze
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Gaming | Meme | Community | Streamers
Streaming | YouTuber
Please come join us we are lonley we are looking for new mods and admins
Gaming | YouTuber
Community | Gaming
►Welcome to Avaince!◄ Avaince is a Discord Portal to see and join our Game Servers! We plan to have Gmod, Csgo, TF2, Rust and More. We also have a custom built bot just for this server. The Discord Server channels are easy to get through and make friends along the way. Come join us! Our doors are always open
Music | Community
Nice, kind and friendly people. Looking to grow bigger, The Astral is a community where you matter. We accept everyone.
Role-Playing | Social
This is a nice rp server based on greek mythology. It's not like camp halfblood and percy jackson servers though, this one has it's own twists so check it out :). It's a very active server with nice staff members who will try to help you in the best way they can, the same goes with the members.
eSports | Music
Community | YouTuber
The official Discord server for the growing YouTuber SuperChez! Come join and hangout!
Gaming | Community
This is a server meant for gaming and talking we have channels for many games and many talking channels hope to see you soon ( also our name is a joke and not to be taken seriously)
Anime | Gaming
we’re looking for pms and ams; if interested just join!
Entertainment | Anime
please join lol
Community | YouTuber
Welcome to the muffin cult! We watch how you text and can find your personality! We give you a certain rank depending on your personality! We have over 30 bots to improve the quality of our server!! We have music, Pokecord, and more! Join today!
Gaming | Meme
A chaotic squad full of epic gamers and tons of episodic mishaps. Here in this group, all that matters is YOUR enjoyment and fun.
Community | Anime
A chill community thats nice and likes to chill and have fun
Community | Meme
Retard Central is a chill community / meme serverwhere you can, meet new people and hang out, post memes, and mess around with fun bots and emotes, What are you waiting for? Join Retard Central today!
Furry | Art
In this server you will never be judged on who you are or whatever you like. We are very nice and active people and we accept everyone. We will help you with any problems and we can fix any problems you spot or need help with.
Gaming | Social
This server is a cool discord server! We will try to fix bugs and ban players or are breaking rules! DO NOT - Leak IPs - DDOS - Be Toxic (not alot) - Suicide Encourage
Community | Meme
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ 𝙎𝙋𝘼𝘾𝙀 𝙃𝙐𝙏 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ Space Hut! | Mature - Friendly - Events - Bots - Memes - & MORE! | We now have our own discord bot!!!! Looking for a server to unwind in? Well, you’ve obviously looking for us. What do we have here? Why, you’ve already read it. Not this, lol Events 24/7 Friendly Members and Staff! Memes! Bots! Super chill. We invented chill. Probably. Advertising channels Custom Emojis Unlockable Channels! Join up until April 1st to get exclusive access to a special realm (channel) Join today and GET THE “First 100” and “Original Gangster” role!! DAILY GIVEAWAYS! FREE DANK MEMER COINS! You may even have some fun here!
Community | Gaming
All things FNaF! Please, if you don't like the series, don't join, we just like to have a good time here. Read the rules before joining and have fun!
Community | Gaming
[INACTIVE]Discord server which works like teamspeak! (it automatically disconnects people who are not on a voice channel for 10 minutes) Because of that there is no inactive members ^_^! You can create your own channels in the "serve-yourself" category!
Gaming | Entertainment
A Bloxburg Building server.
Science | Technology
A server for SFS players (Space Flight Simulator) to talk and share about the game. This was inspired by SFS Intels server and is welcoming all who like space!
Community | Hobbies
The Coffee Kingdom is a chill place (that's still in the works) where people can make new friends and VC! We are still new so we are very open to suggestions. You can also sign up for different roles in the coffee kingdom. We have a very chill staff and we hope you will become apart of the kingdom!
Anime | Role-Playing
We are nice people that like Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai and sometimes the owner Photoshops for fun
Music | Social
''Music Community is a friendly, small server that is based on music and kpop even if you dont like kpop, you can still join!''
Anime | Community
A friendly community open for everyone who wants to meet new people
Community | Entertainment
Fun, friendly community to make friends and find people with the same interests. the goal is for it to be like a second family. there are people in there you can pm with any question or anything for support. it all stays between us- however it will be a very happy place too!
Anime | Social
Join the forces of the Cartoon Kingdom - an all new cartoon-themed server for animation fans!
Community | Entertainment
Cloudhouse is currently a small community focused on letting members interact with and meet new people. With our simple array of text channels, cloudhouse doesn't present itself as an overwhelming maze as many other servers do. Enjoy :)
Social | Meme
Hey, This is a server for anyone and everyone. Do not judge us by our name. Type in the chats if you think it's dead, Because it's not. This is a friendly community. Our Server is not bad. It's only bad if you make it bad. Please join - its worth it.