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Horticulture & Husbandry is a comfy nature server for adults 18+. Feel free to join and chat about your favorite pet, plant or just nature in general
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happy lil tree garden, tell us what trees or aspects of nature you like. warm with a pleasant breeze
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✰Tyki's Garden, a garden-themed server, which is a growing community with absolute amazing staff members. We hold fun events, like movies, scribbl and way more. We provide gaming channels (LoL, Osu, Paladins, Valorant, etc) and a music channel where you can listen with others! We're an SFW, so do not worry! (besides the fact we have an NSFW server). Come join if you're looking for friends! ⃗*ೃ༄
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🖇 › ♡˖°꒰ : roseraie ♡.﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀.♡ ⁺ ♡ ”  roseraie is a simple, cute server with a rose/flower cottage aes ⠇ ⊹  🖇   ⠇we are 100% blm and lgbtq supporting ! ೃ⁀➷ bots to play with and a chill server where you can make friends ➶ 。˚   ° *.    join now       *    ·
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A new SFW server which is safe for everyone. Join to make new friends, chat, hang out and have fun. This server has a garden aesthetic with roles rewards for levelling up and a friendly community and staff. At the moment the server is small so it is a great opportunity to make some friends and help the server grow (like a flower.. get it.. because it's garden themed).
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MUST BE 14+ TO JOIN. Just a greenhouse themed hangout. Feel free to stop by. We'd like it if you stayed for a while.
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We are a silly little garden-themed community looking for more members so we can become more active and start holding events, etc.
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Hi! This is my plant server. I made this server to help connect with other people who grow/collect plants. This server is for anything plant related! While our main focus is plants, we also are open to other hobbies and discussion! Memes are loved by all here and even allowed inside #general! This server is accepting towards LGBTQIA+ too.