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Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
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Investing | Financial | Community
Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
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Health | Cooking
Your place to chat with other enthusiasts about all things gardening related to food crops, how-tos, whys and wherefores. Join us!
Plantic Icon
Community | Hobbies
a small houseplant community!
Garden Variety Icon
Community | Hobbies
Garden Variety is a server focused around plant keeping. Whether you are a gardener, aquatic plant enthusiast or aquascaper, plant collector or just someone who keeps a few house plants you are welcome to join us. We have channels that cover a broad range of topics such as plant diseases, deficiencies and pests, different types of plants such as aquatics, cacti as well as an offtopic category for anyone wishing to talk about things unrelated to plants or animals other than aquatic ones.
Gramma Peachy's Kitchen Icon
Community | Hobbies
A community to make friends with like interests in sharing recipes cooking gardening canning tips and other such things one does around the home
Sustainable Living Hub Icon
Community | Growth
We are friendly and motivated community that talks a lot about gardening, DIY, self sustainability, sharing projects and pet photos but also discussing what is going on in the world around us and with our ecosystems. Only 1 rule applies: Be kind.
Mad Castle Garden Icon
Education | Hobbies
Avid gardener? Have a couple of house plants? Wish you had plants but keep killing everything you touch? Join Mad Castle Garden to talk to fellow plant connoisseurs to get advice, show off, or spread your knowledge. Come in and hang out with people who share you interest in caring for plant life!
Furry Jungle Icon
Furry | Art
Welcome to the jungle! We're a small SFW furry community looking for more members! We're based around the idea of plants and I, the owner, collect them! Can't wait to have you here.
Gardening Pakistan Icon
Hobbies | Community
Hello everyone, this is a Pakistani Gardening server and we aim to create and bring together the wholesome community of gardening in Pakistan here on discord. No bullying or harassment will be tolerated here. P.S We’re pretty chill on what we grow, we support gardening of all types of plants (and fungi) iykwim ;). See you on the server!
Garden Revival Icon
Hobbies | Community
We welcome garden lovers of all levels. Share your garden successes, woes, and mehs. Discuss plant care, edibles and ornamentals, garden/landscape design and indoor gardening or just jibber-jabber. -Website with gardening resources, gallery and blog: -Plant identification bot -Scheduled live garden tours -Monthly discussion topics
DIY Homesteading Icon
Growth | Hobbies
The server for all your DIY homesteading needs, big or small, expensive or cheap! Here you will find like minded individuals with a passion for creating their own tools for making a sustainable life for them and their families. From them you will be able to learn tricks, hacks, and otherwise neat tips to improve your homestead experience and make yourself more effecient in all your projects.
❄ Maple Lounge ❄ Icon
Community | LGBT
Are you a Canadian young adult(18+) searching for a place where you can just be yourself and make new friends? Do you want to be in a lgbt-friendly environment? Do you want to talk about anime, gaming, or gardeming and the outdoors? Join the Maple Lounge!
Plants / Houseplants / Gardening Icon
Hobbies | Community
This is a discord server for people who are into houseplants! We love all kinds of plants, from succulents to ferns, and we love to chat about all things plant-related. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just getting started, you're welcome here!
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Memes | Community | Social
Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 370,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up!
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e-dgy Icon
Memes | Community | Social
Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 370,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up!
Houseplants! Icon
Hobbies | Social
➡️ ?THE houseplant community on Discord. Socialize with other plant-crazy people, or ask for advice on your dying plants! ?
The Planty People Icon
The Planty People is a new server, with a small but already active and welcoming community, focused on the wonderful hobby of plant-keeping!! We have channels for houseplants as well as a number of specific hobbies, such as aquatics and terrariums. We also have general channels for things like cooking and gaming. Features include: Plant Advice and ID channels, (in-progress) Plant Guides, Poketwo and other games, a welcoming community, and a mod team who is always open to suggestions! Join us today ?
Macrocybe Icon
Education | Community
Welcome to Macrocybe! 🍄 We're a server dedicated to mushroom foragers, cultivators, and the like! But, we're also just a general community based server :mag: We offer the ability to gain knowledge about a seldom-acknowledged hobby, and hope to lessen the fear of mushrooms that we're taught, as well as working towards harm reduction. ♥ We also offer many fun channels, such as photography, music sharing, etc., and are open to more suggestions on such. We also have a few trusted identifiers, so you can be sure of your fungi finds! 🎨 We've also introduced a monthly book club, and weekly challenges/assignments for artists! 🌟 ALSO OPEN TO PARTNERS/LOOKING FOR PARTNER MANAGERS (you get a special role in the server, as well as access to staff chats) 🌟
Growing Hands Icon
Education | Entertainment
Dive into discussions about crop cultivation techniques, animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices, and the latest advancements in agricultural technology. Ask questions, contribute your expertise, and explore new horizons as you uncover the secrets of successful farming and gardening.
Zen Garden Icon
Community | Gaming
cool server pretty fun join
California Native Flora Icon
Science | Hobbies
Community for those that hike, botanize, garden, and landscape with California native plants. Meet ups, games, and news feeds.
Regenerative Animal Keepers Icon
Education | Hobbies
A place for people who like regenerative agriculture, silvopasture, permaculture, or other regenerative methods of farming like multispecies grazing and have animals! If you have pets, are a hobbyist, or are just curious feel free to pop in too. We are small but we have quality people willing to talk to you about livestock for hours. This is an 18+ chatroom for the sake of keeping things serious, and vegans will be kicked.
The Witches' Garden Icon
Beliefs | Community
This is a server for intermediate to advanced witches/occultists with a love for plants and/or gardening. We have different channels to discuss: *witchcraft/occult/magic ✨ *gardening🌱 *plant lore, magical use of plants, etc.🍄 There are also several forum style study channels for: *book club 📖 *group projects. *group herbal (containing plant lore, upg, magical and healing properties of plants) *wheel of the year☸️ *moon🌙 We are currently starting the server again after a summer break 😁 Active participation is required, no lurkers. This is not a teaching server but people new to witchcraft/the occult may be allowed to enter occasionally. 18+ entry only
Plantophiles Icon
Hobbies | Community | Entertainment
Plantophiles is a community for plant enthusiasts. If you are into indoor houseplants, please join us. We offer chatrooms for: +++ Discussions about plants +++ Plant Care +++ Troubleshooting The community is linked to, our blog about houseplants, where you can find valuable tips about houseplant plant care, plant profiles, read interviews of plant enthusiasts...and..and..and We are looking forward to getting to know you!
The Pursuit of Succulents Icon
Hobbies | Community
A new 16+ server dedicated to the hobby of keeping, purchasing, trading and care of succulents and cacti. Come share your shelfies, plant glow ups, your wish lists and more. We welcome members of all experience levels. Sellers are more than welcome as well! * Bot for posting reviews of sellers and for sellers to advertise. * Help channels * Off topic channels for all of your other hobby chatter * Plans for channel growth if needed, monthly topics, and more
The Homestead Icon
Community | Hobbies
The Homestead is a friendly server for homesteaders, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, naturist, and everyone in between. All walks of life, and levels of experience are welcome. From the experienced, fully self sufficient homesteader, to the hobbyist gardener. Here you will find a peaceful community with troves of knowledge to give. You will guides, tips, videos, pictures, and articles to help you along the way for whatever your need help with. Ogonslav Firewind, the server owner, homesteads on 30 acres of beautiful West Virginia forest. He has been working with plants in a professional setting since 2015, and is a certified herbalist. We hope to see you on our server! Until then, enjoy the rest of your day (:
Rose Gardening Icon
Hobbies | Community
A resource to learning of how to plant, prune, and take care of roses both bare root, container, and potted plants. We cover the rose types such as FLORIBUNDA, HYBRID TEA, GRANDIFLORA, POLYANTHA, and ENGLISH.