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Community discord for the Re:Legend game!
Sever para convívio enquanto se joga...Mais focado em Sarming Simulator entra e junta te a nós.
Bonjour et bienvenue sur le discord abonné(e)s de l'agriculteur normand .
Flowerpatch is an Ethereum indie game about collecting and breeding cannabis flowers. Build up your farm, work with others, and trade your strains – Come Try the Alpha version!
I started this server to unite Christians without unrighteous bias, to have fellowship with each other and discuss good and important things we should want to know, its not a place to judge clothes, music, or taste in things so long as they are Christian or Christian friendly. I just want a place where young and seasoned Christians can come together and discuss good things, like farming , music, art , spiritual development and even when appropriate philosophy. I hope you chose to join us here , Godspeed St. Rafael