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Here we play and Tanki Online (sometimes Minecraft) We're just trying to draw farms and destroy tanks.
Gaming | Community
Townkins: Wonderland Village Official Discord server.
Community discord for the Re:Legend game!
Gaming | Community
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Minecraft Server
YouTuber | Gaming
Bonjour et bienvenue sur le discord abonné(e)s de l'agriculteur normand .
Gaming | Meme
This is a fun gaming discord, mostly about animal crossing. This is a "cult". You are semi-required to have your ac character to be a cowboy. But you have to be a cowboy when raiding islands. Please join us! We need some help!
Community | Social
Farming Members 👨‍🌾 A piece of shit server just for farming members :) Join us to achieve our goal, and be the 1st server to have so many members with a very simple server. What can we provide to you? a channel called #🌊╎spam where a lot of people will be spamming randomly... ... and it will piss you off during the night, 100% sure :))) Enjoy!
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Bonjour, Bienvenue au sein de la communauté Team des Quatre Coins d'France Une communauté fun et délirante, au plaisir de vous connaitre. L'équipe