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We take you with us on our journey to find the perfect gear and skills to survive the wild. With our weekly videos we share our experience about high quality knives, gear and bushcraft skills presented in a unique way. Dutch Bushcraft Knives, two best friends who share a great passion for nature. With our videos we like to educate, entertain but also learn from our viewers. As Dutch Bushcraft Knives we stand for honest reviews and value the opinion of our subscribers. Follow us on our journey and let's learn together!
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bushcraft survival
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Monthly giveaway now live! Backyard poultry keepers unite! Come and stay a while, show off your chicks, ducklings, quail, and all your other poultry. A market place channel is available for those selling birds and hatching eggs, and social media/blog channel is available for those who blog their journey. Hope to chat with you soon!
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We are friendly and motivated community that talks a lot about gardening, DIY, self sustainability, sharing projects and pet photos but also discussing what is going on in the world around us and with our ecosystems. Only 1 rule applies: Be kind.
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A doomsday prepping server for everyone of all background! Survivalists, Bushcrafters, Campers, Milsurp collectors, Baby preppers, and even those just interested in the topics are welcome!