eSports | Gaming
Um server completo de Rocket League, com chats de trades e chat para procura de times, além de sorteios e torneios personalizados!!
Gaming | eSports
We are a Rocket league discord with giveaways and info u can search for mates to play with a group or u can trade ur stuff feel free to join !
Gaming | Community
Chispers's Trading Server is a server that lets you trade, chat, and have fun in Fortnite Save The World!
Gaming | Community
STW Black Market - trade,giveaway,build and more
Crypto | Community
Crypto Chrome is ultimate community staking and liquidity mining platform. A place to build crypto passive income. Non-custodial.
Community | Gaming
Market World Discord is a Discord Server created by Counter-Strike Global Offensive Community, as well as other videogames. It is a channel providing a place to meet a friends, with bonus perks such as "Marketplace" events. Market World is not a registered trademark, and shouldn't be mistaken for anything else rather than a Discord channel. It provides a place to talk, buy, trade, sell, win - everything else is a matter of discussion. Staff of Market World Discord is responsible for taking care of it, and making sure it goes on with Discord Terms of Service as well as Guidelines.
Community | Technology
Discord space for women in male-dominated fields to help with work related questions and relate to others in the sea of testosterone. Not a man-hating group and accepting of all those who identify as female.
Gaming | Community
Heyo ACNH players! Welcome to Marshal's Market! We have a wide range of things to offer including: - giveaways - trade channels - open islands - island showcase - friendly staff and members - self roles - and more! When we hit 50 members we'll begin a new service. The service is a mystery- for now, I'll be reavealing it at 50 members! Join, Invite Friends, and help us get to 50 members!