Community | Science
Sustainable Living is a friendly, 13+ discord server meant to discuss ways for the everyday person to take steps toward sustainability. This server is accepting and accommodating to everyone, and a judgement-free zone. This is a community based on sharing, community, and education!
Education | Community
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Community | Growth
We are friendly and motivated community that talks a lot about gardening, DIY, self sustainability, sharing projects and pet photos but also discussing what is going on in the world around us and with our ecosystems. Only 1 rule applies: Be kind.
Science | Fitness
This server is a place to get out of your head and gain awareness, consciousness, and peace through reality. Topics are all science, sustainability, DIY, wildlife, and more. The concept of reality is to put aside your belief systems and use your senses and logic to form observations about the world around you. republicans are not welcome on this server because they clearly lack intelligence.
Community | Beliefs
Join if you think that more technology isn't going to solve the worlds problems but rather a change in culture. How humans see, interact with and treat the world and each other. What we value.