| This is the educational Discord server for League Of Legends. Find information on improving your gameplay with resources available and ask high ranked players in depth questions about your play!
Hello! We're garbage at league of legends, if you're low elo or unranked then check us out. We just play for fun most of the time. We usually play around evenings and nights EST NA. (We also do a bit of Stellaris multiplayer)
📚| A chill place for students to come and socialise with others. 🎓| We provide academic help with our study channels & tutors. 🌸| Kind and dedicated staff team. ✨| Rapidly growing server: 1000+ Members 🍨| Looking for Partnerships! ⛔️| Strong raid protection. 🏡┃New Houses Feature. Come joins hundreds of other students at THE STUDY CORNER today!
Community server for all asphalt 8 player to gather, have fun and share their love for the Asphalt series
Religious decision, encouragement, and emotional support.
Welcome to the Helpful Hangout! A brand new server hoping to expand with your help. We're a fun group where you can hang out and chat with friends. If you're seeking advice or educational help, or wanting to just chill, this is the server for you. Share your knowledge and skills, talk with the group, have a good time, come and join us! Help us grow into Discord's most helpful and fun community! We are brand new and just starting off, so come and be some of our first members!
A place for polymaths, intellectuals, book smart, wise, and otherwise knowledgeable people.
Hello there! We are a solid language exchange community that comes from the old and unforgettable SharedTalk, SharedLingo, Livemocha and ultimately HelloLingo, four of the best websites dedicated to exchange languages with people from all around the world. We have gathered in one place after their closure, with nice, smart and enthusiastic learners, building an amazing environment and always happy to have new members, we are HelloLingers, welcome aboard!
SS is a study server focused around positivity, support, and motivation. Highschool/college and university students are welcome.
Welcome! This is a server for all bird lovers whether you own a bird or not! Here we have a bunch of knowledgable people who can help you with your feathered friend's needs.
We encourage the exploration of any and all subjects. Come join our cozy den!
I am an educational Youtuber. This server is for those interested in me and my content to hangout, meet new people, and discuss openly. There is a lot of support for gaming/gamers.