Programming | Technology
Si vous aussi vous aimez le langage de programmation Ruby: programmer, corriger, poser des questions et partager et discuter de vos connaissances alors rejoignez sans tarder ce serveur et intégrez l'équipe de développeurs. Nous recrutons débutants comme experts. French-English community
Role-Playing | Gaming
A Watchdogs Slice of Life Roleplay server
Anime | Gaming
A variety of gaming and gamers ✓ Anime and manga discussion ✓ Plenty of fun and useful bots ✓ Musicians and music category ✓ Looking for active members ✓ FREE self promotion ✓ Swearing allowed ✓ Writers and writing category ✓ Artists and art category ✓ Memes and Shitposts ✓ Friendly staff ✓ And much more! So what are you waiting for!? Probably something, I’m just not sure what it is. But whatever it is your waiting for, you might just find it in our server. So come join Socialize! You won’t regret it.
Writing | Growth
A small server for writers to come together to collaborate and share ideas on their skills. Artists, readers and anyone else is welcome.
Role-Playing | Hobbies
Brand new book club server looking for active members to help bring the discord to life.
Writing | Bot
Under construction, but ready to sprint in!