The Life of America is a RP server were you take the life of a normal American, you can work, go to school, get in a relationship, socialize and use social media!
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰ **ghost town** hiphop discord server ₪ hiphop / rap server ₪ latest hiphop news ₪ friendly staff ₪ custom bot
Have you ever wanted to be in the same town as celebrities and rich people? Have you ever felt the urge to be in a so-called suburban town? Have you ever wanted to risk you or your loved ones getting kidnapped or murdered with the shockingly high crime rate in a wealthy urban area? Well, this might be the place for you! Here in Bridferny, we have a good school, a great police department, as well as thousands of Wendigo and Skinwalker sightings! We possibly have a lot of creatures similar to the Wendigo and Skinwalker, but for now, that doesn't matter. What does matter is, this server is original. And since this is original every actor(except for Chris Evans, Sophia Anne Caruso, David Harbour, Michael Fassbender, Alice Eve, and Lucy Liu as of now) are open for your character(no we do not allow anime, cartoon, or hand-drawn face-claims. If you draw your own outfit it's fine just don't use an anime or cartoon faceclaim for the love of God).
The Roleplay Pad is roleplay server of great proportions! This server was made as a replacement to my old server which was shut down due to the death of it. In this server there is! -Fantastic Mods -Leveling -Kind Community -Interesting Events! -MOSTLY FOOLPROOF RULES! AND MANY MORE!
A roleplay server, with almost no limitations to your creativity. We also have alot of ooc channels, and many things to do. We have roleplay lore, events, and we allow suggestions, and partnerships. There's much more to our server, so please come check it out yourself.
A Watchdogs Slice of Life Roleplay server
When the past and present connect, people begin to disappear. Revival, the ability to travel back into the past before an accident, is dispersed through the land, and a new secret town only enterable by these Revivers appears. Will you solve the mystery of the town shrouded in mystery?
♚ | after the collapse of lycée de borda, several working-class students were given a scholarship to lycée sainte louis, a prestigious private college attended by the children of the most powerful and wealthy elites. this only led to growing tensions between the students, the wealthy deciding that the new students didn't earn their places here, nor did they belong here. since then, things only seemed to complicate. ~ inspired by elite. set in paris, france 2020. join our small community and rp your favourite mess freely! open to absolutely everyone.
A very, very, very, very long time ago, a Lady was born. She loved cats. Now her cats are taking over the town.