We are a Touhou themed server, but we invite you to share anything that you are interested in! Lots of friendly people and interactive bots! touhou emotes! Come play our new Touhou Gacha Card Game!
Are you looking for a chill community server? Are you looking for a place to find fellow Touhou fans? This server's the place for you~ Here, we worship Mayumi and value everyone. We accept everyone with open arms, and hope you'll join our wonderful growing community.
A server dedicated to Komeiji Satori. My aim for this server is to provide a place for us to collectively engage our appreciation of Satori, and fulfill our Satori needs.
A server for Touhou roleplays. We do focus on putting real effort into the roleplaying but we won't be too uptight. We won't stick too strictly to Touhou lore.
A fairy-centric touhou server! A friendly place to do anything touhou relate, hang out, have fun etc. Love the fairys now
New server that has everything every other server has. But hey, we're new and trying to make it big. This is my first server :) Join if you want to meet epic people.
[email protected] a Paradise of Boundaries, comunidad hispana de Touhou Project sede de proyectos reconocidos como la Bunbunmaru Extra (BBEX), la traducción de TH Project al español latino y los álbumes remastered de TH.
Hello! Rumia's Shroud of Darkness is a Touhou community with a real focus on everything Touhou, official and fanmade. We play glorious multiplayer Touhou games together all the time and are the first and only Touhou server to have skill recognition roles for achievements in official Touhou games, as well as having over 75 dedicated Touhou character channels, letting you easily find the cutest pics for your favorite Touhou characters! If you've always wanted to be part of a Touhou community that really emphasizes Touhou activity like one should, somewhere you can get real tips and advice on improving your Touhou skills, or just a warm and friendly place to chat about Touhou, we welcome you to Rumia's Shroud of Darkness!
¡Hola a todos, y sean bienvenidos a Toho Team [ Mystical Crossover Project ]! El sitio oficial de crossovers basados en la saga de Touhou Project. Entra a esta comunidad creada para ayudarte en tus proyectos de crossovers entre lo que más te gusta de Touhou y de tus videojuegos, animes, series, fanworks u obras favoritas, mientras que también puedes conocer a nuevas amistades en nuestro servidor dedicado para personas de diferentes gustos y culturas donde podrás platicar, compartir, jugar, colaborar y divertirte en todo momento. Ofrecemos canales de música, memes y cultura asiática; así como de Touhou Project, League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria, Steam, juegos retro y fangames, entre otros. Sé parte hoy de esta comunidad, hagamos crossovers místicos juntos y ayúdanos a que otros disfruten de esta experiencia única. Por los amigos, por la familia, ¡por el equipo!
Hey! Welcome to the most chill public server on discord. We originally started as a personal server, but we've grown above 120 members now, so we're going public. We've people in every fandom you can think of, and channels dedicated to anything you can think of too.It'd be great if you joined!
A place for cultured Algerian weeaboos to discuss waifus and anime thighs.
Lonely? Sick of trying again and again to find a community that finally fits you? Search no more, relatable wanderer! Fishbowl welcomes you! Come and discuss anime, gacha, Touhou, anything!
A community for people who want an outlet for Touhou roleplaying! The world of Gensokyo is a large and fantastic place! We have a fairly lax environment, just remember to read the rules channel, fill out the form and introduce yourself if you'd like! Just be aware we require coherent, third person literate roleplay. You should have some understanding of how the world of Touhou operates. Our approval process for a character depends upon how fleshed out we feel the character is and how they fit into the setting. This is a 16+ minor friendly server, so there will be no NSFW. This extends to Sh/ta and L/li. This server is LGBT+ friendly and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Before being given a role to speak in other channels, this form must be filled out. Tell the mods when it is filled out so they can check (requires email sign in). https://forms.gle/3CeGgq4iqRQakYmr6
A project to expand TPDP up to WBaWC!
Greetings, and welcome to Tenshi's Peach Garden! Currently boasting over 3000 members, this server is dedicated to the chatter of, and discussion for anime lovers, game lovers, and anyone willing to stop by with common interests. There's always something to talk about, so don't be shy, and say hello! We in the administrative team wish you a wonderful stay at Tenshi's Peach Garden!
Jak będzie w Gensokyo - sekcja Touhou. Polski serwer w tematyce Touhou Project. Zapraszamy każdego. Grupa na FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444207336478190/
Welcome to the Hakurei shrine. This server is a Touhou community / anime server aimed at all the different Touhou players out there. From beginner to super player, we got them all covered. Our server is different from the rest because it has a level system where your rank changes the more XP you have. There are a bunch of channels for Touhou but also for games and anime. Overall the Hakurei shrine is a chill and lay back server where you can just hang out with people and have fun.