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Misadventures is a RP in which you are free to be whoever you want to be! No lore, and no strict rules. just join and play! just keep it rated E10+/Childfriendly! We need new active people to get new life in this server! Please help us out!
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Welcome to the Nexus, traveler. In the year 2121, meteors rained down from the skies, and with them, dimensional gateways to other realms and time periods. Gaps between time, space, and separate universes were suddenly closed, allowing planar travel between worlds. Archipelagos reigned over by pirates, kingdoms of magic and swordplay, ancient pantheons ruled by old gods, all bridged together. Come join the Nexus, a developing roleplay server with a wide range of settings! We’re a semi-literate to literate role-playing server with flexible guidelines for OCs and character-centric roleplay. We’re always looking for new members and people to role play with, and all are welcome to join. We hope to see you here!
Role-Playing | Art
a loving, caring community where you can be anything you want
Role-Playing | Anime
Yutoland Chronicles is a 'multiverse' roleplay server that allows any type of character, be an OC or fictional, with an emphasis on not fighting, but on interaction, plot, and exploration of the world around them.
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Multiverse RP server themed after the Twilight Zone. Also just a general chill community. We have an ongoing lore and rooms for every franchise that joins our server. Absolutely no limits to how many characters you want to play in this server. Welcoming: Anime RP Comicbook RP Videogame RP Cartoon RP Movie RP OCs and just about anything else you can think of! Stop by to check us out.
Role-Playing | Gaming
This is a multi-fandom server. All OC’s and canon characters are welcome. Familiarity of a fandom is NOT required. Tupperbox offered!
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Welcome to the Rift - a dimension that exists in the space between all worlds. Here, there's no telling who or what you'll meet. ~ The Rift is a 16+ crossover roleplay server where you can roleplay as OCs or as canon characters. We offer a variety of locations to roleplay in, freedom for you to make any kind of story you'd like, as well as non-roleplay channels for art, gaming, and writing. We're very small right now, but we'd love to have you!
Writing | LGBT
A roleplay server, based of 2 lores and one very epic lore/fanfiction that I made
Beliefs | Science
Welcome to The Temporal Zone. This is NOT a roleplay server. We have legitimate nonhumans, people experienced in supernatural who possess foreknowledge, antisocial time travellers and other people who have experienced the paranormal. Here you can find knowledge that was obtained by using scientific principles on supernatural phenomena that you can't find anywhere else. The server obtained its goal of uniting nonhumans, time travellers, people with foreknowledge and people who have encountered the paranormal on 2nd September 2020 Disclaimer: We do not tolerate false claims and we are not obligated to show evidence to every single person who joins because of its nature, and it is dangerous to provide such as well to the most.
The year is 2044. The world of Ivo, and amalgamation of thousands of different worlds across the omniverse, has entered a golden age of technology. Its largest moon, Omara, had launched a powerful beam of light into the planet's core, spreading some sort of extradimensional energy worldwide. This energy, known as Lumen had been quickly harnessed and developed into the main power source for all technology. However, Lumen have been known to give special powers or drastically increase their size, turning mere animals into massive beasts and unsuspecting commonfolk into monsters of legend. Culture had gradually adapted to these new kaiju, technology to repair any excess damage, and cities set apart specifically as battlegrounds for these Lumenized beasts; every one to himself, until they get resurrected again. Your favorite characters, giant-sized! Welcome to Giant Monster Mayhem, a multifandom server with a unique setting!
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The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Will you fall through the fabric of reality and enter the world of worlds?