Welcome to the Zahhak Stanclub! This is a place where we discuss and stan the Zahhaks from Homestuck. Please read through the rules and <#required-reading> before participating in discussion on the server. Thank you!
Meme | Art
A friendly chill server to make friends in. We feature weekly to bi-weekly games, memes, art, and gaming chats. (Homestuck is here too)
Come join Genesis Frog, a Homestuck fansession rp! Bring your self-insert and/or OCs and let's create a universe together. Play as a human, troll, exile, denizen, or all of the above! Create your land, sprite, and quest. Write a story with your co-players and ascend to godhood.
Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by!
This is the discord server for the Homestuck^2 Let's Read series.
halloween dying community server with far too many colour roles and an owner who doesn't know how to stick to one theme.
Grab your grey face paint and join us in HSAT! Here you can share art, cosplays as well as roleplay and just chat here! We welcome Hiveswap as well as fankids and trolls!
a discord server based on the infamous webcomic, Homestuck. it's hell! come join us.
Shamestuck is a Homestuck server, focused more on the jaded parts of the Homestuck fan community. Here you can vent about poor writing choices, deconstruct problems with the Homestuck canon, or talk with like-minded individuals about the highs and lows of the webcomic.
Welcome to Homestuck Kinniez! LGBTQ+ ANTI cop/transmed/truscum/map/NOmap/fujoshi/etc Doubles friendly! Plenty of self roles! Simple rules New but active! Hobby channels! Art, Cosplay, Roleplay, Music, Etc!
A Roleplay server for everyone and anything!, We accept everyone and any fandom! if you don't see your fandom than you can dm the owner!