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Welcome to the Discord Space Center! This is a SFW, LGBT+, toxicity-free community for those that adore the wonders of space, or would like a place to hangout!
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═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════ Howdy :0 This is a shitpost server mostly for the sake of having fun and all Feel free to join and discuss about homestuck and stuff oh yeah no NSFW allowed ═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════
Hobbies | Community
Welcome to the Zahhak Stanclub! This is a place where we discuss and stan the Zahhaks from Homestuck. Please read through the rules and <#required-reading> before participating in discussion on the server. Thank you!
Meme | Art
A friendly chill server to make friends in. We feature weekly to bi-weekly games, memes, art, and gaming chats. (Homestuck is here too)
Role-Playing | Community
Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by!
Community | Entertainment
This is the discord server for the Homestuck^2 Let's Read series.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Grab your grey face paint and join us in HSAT! Here you can share art, cosplays as well as roleplay and just chat here! We welcome Hiveswap as well as fankids and trolls!
Writing | Social
Shamestuck is a Homestuck server, focused more on the jaded parts of the Homestuck fan community. Here you can vent about poor writing choices, deconstruct problems with the Homestuck canon, or talk with like-minded individuals about the highs and lows of the webcomic.
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Hello who ever out there may be seeing this, we're a fairly new community looking for those looking for us. This package includes.... ✬ Homestuck??? ✬Possible Frogs??? ✬ Welcoming Citizens??? ✬ As well as tiny pieces which should be kept away from children
Social | Community
a homestuck kinnie server for anyone over 18. double friendly, quirks encouraged, weekly game and movie nights, all the good shit and more. kin only, not RP.
Role-Playing | Community
Do you like roleplaying? Do you like Hiveswap: Friendsim? Well, here's the place for you! We've got tons of characters open, so jump in and grab them while you can. We've been running for a couple years, and are currently in the process of a Grand Reboot, so that's a thing.
Anime | Social
Just a place for people to chill and hang out, really.
Community | Social
Discord server for the upcoming fan-adventure 'The Chaos Spectrum' as well as a general chill zone for Homestucks. Come join, read the comic, chat with us, and help out!
Role-Playing | Community
MSPA (homestuck, problem sleuth, etc) role playing server
Role-Playing | LGBT
Hi! Are you a homestuck fan? Into role playing? Or just want to have a server to have fun in? You’ve come to the right place! We have: •A large list of canon characters to choose from, both homestuck and hiveswap included! •An equally as large list of areas to roleplay in! •oc friendly •loose, interactive, and malleable plot •Text rp! Ever wanted to participate in a pesterlog? Well, here’s your chance! •Chaos with hussiebot! •...And more!
Role-Playing | Gaming
~~A Fantasy!stuck (homestuck) roleplay server featuring the main cast and dancestors, NO HIVESWAP (YET), tons of available characters!!~~
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to Homestuck Kinniez! LGBTQ+ ANTI cop/transmed/truscum/map/NOmap/fujoshi/etc Doubles friendly! Plenty of self roles! Simple rules New but active! Hobby channels! Art, Cosplay, Roleplay, Music, Etc!
Design | Entertainment
Turning Homestuck into a TV series
Social | Entertainment
just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
Community | LGBT
We are a kinnie server for the homestucks, we are system friendly! And hope we have a welcoming environment for everyone!
Community | Hobbies
Community | LGBT
A small-time server focused around the LGBT community and Homestuck. I don't plan on going all out honestly; so if you like small servers with hopefully close-knit people, you should give it a go.
Community | Role-Playing
Just a lively community trying to meet new people!
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Happy awesomeness growth love joy Art Music