Writing | Anime
"There's an imposter Among Us! This universe takes place after a huge mission the cast has taken together to study a new planet. One of the crewmates, however, has been taken over by a murderous parasite that hunts for sport. The Imposter's job is to run around and kill off thr crewmates. If a crewmate ends up finding the body, they may call an emergency meeting. The crewmates will have a meeting and discuss who they believe the imposter to be. Whoever they all vote on will be ejected within the space. Who's among us...?" [♈ We allow OCs!] [♉ We support systems and are LGBTQ+ friendly!] [♊ DNI IF: P-dophiles/MAPs, racists in general, cop defenders, Trump supporters, fascists/alt-righters/n-zis, homophobes, anti choicers, TERFs/TEHMs, truscum/transmeds, and REGs/(ace/aro/pan/bi) exclusionists, vriska apologists, non-trauma systems, or  pro-shipper.] [♋ This AU was inspired off Among Us and Danganronpa!!!] [♌ Friendly staff :>] [♍ Cental time!]
Role-Playing | Community
Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by!
Community | Entertainment
This is the discord server for the Homestuck^2 Let's Read series.
Writing | Social
Shamestuck is a Homestuck server, focused more on the jaded parts of the Homestuck fan community. Here you can vent about poor writing choices, deconstruct problems with the Homestuck canon, or talk with like-minded individuals about the highs and lows of the webcomic.
Community | Social
Discord server for the upcoming fan-adventure 'The Chaos Spectrum' as well as a general chill zone for Homestucks. Come join, read the comic, chat with us, and help out!
Role-Playing | Community
MSPA (homestuck, problem sleuth, etc) role playing server
Role-Playing | LGBT
Hi! Are you a homestuck fan? Into role playing? Or just want to have a server to have fun in? You’ve come to the right place! We have: •A large list of canon characters to choose from, both homestuck and hiveswap included! •An equally as large list of areas to roleplay in! •oc friendly •loose, interactive, and malleable plot •Text rp! Ever wanted to participate in a pesterlog? Well, here’s your chance! •Chaos with hussiebot! •...And more!
Social | Entertainment
just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
Community | LGBT
We are a kinnie server for the homestucks, we are system friendly! And hope we have a welcoming environment for everyone!
Community | LGBT
A small-time server focused around the LGBT community and Homestuck. I don't plan on going all out honestly; so if you like small servers with hopefully close-knit people, you should give it a go.
Art | Social
Happy awesomeness growth love joy Art Music
Role-Playing | Writing
A Homestuck Roleplay with a Fresh take on the Universe of the Alpha/Beta Session Filled with Adventure, Love, Thrill, Mystery and Most Importantly. Old Secrets.
Social | Community
a homestuck kinnie server for anyone over 18. double friendly, quirks encouraged, weekly game and movie nights, all the good shit and more. kin only, not RP.
Community | Role-Playing
Just a lively community trying to meet new people!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
an interactive dave discord friend sim basically
Anime | Community
Hajime's Basement is a homestuck/danganronpa focused server. We provide a place for people to talk and make new friends. We also have a chill staff team and laid-back rules, along with opportunities to participate in events/giveaways such as game nights, nitro giveaways and more!
Community | Social
🌈🌠🌈🌠🌈🌠🌈🌠🌈🌠🌈 LASONU HORIZON is a homestuck/hiveswap rainbowcore-ish themed server with some fun bots and roles to choose from! Our server is still tiny, however, activity may not be at its highest. Please understand that we are still developing and growing 💖With that said, we hope you consider joining our server!💖
Anime | LGBT
Anime | LGBT
Hi! This is a SFW server where you can talk with weebs and cosplayers! We have topics like danganronpa, anime, cosplay, homestuck and more! Please feel free to check it out!
Anime | Gaming
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Social | Community
═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════ Howdy :0 This is a shitpost server mostly for the sake of having fun and all Feel free to join and discuss about homestuck and stuff oh yeah no NSFW allowed ═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════
Community | Art
Hi, welcome to doritos bag. I'm hoping to grow a nice server where everyone can hang out and have a awesome time in. Anyone and everyone is welcome here, just read the rules. If you'd like to have a custom role and or color, go to the "emotes and roles" channel and tell me there! I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. If you do decide to join, i hope you enjoy your stay.
Role-Playing | Community
Before the rise of our better-known Homestuck heroes, there were these assholes. You know them, you(probably) love them. Wouldn't you like to know what they're getting up to in their downtime? No? Too bad! Alternia's Worst is a roleplay server dedicated to the trolls of Hiveswap and any other trolls you may be inclined to throw at them. This means we accept both canon and original characters set in the Hiveswap time period! No references to main Homestuck. They aren't even thoughts in the good Empress' mind. There’s a Chittr feed! Public group chats! Literate group roleplay events! If you’re over 16, join the leagues of Alternia's Worst tonight!