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Hey y'all! I run a server entirely based around Homestuck Role-play! We have a ton of different role-plays and sessions pre-made, and then you have the opportunity to start your own session or RP! You're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to RP with here, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by!
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This is the discord server for the Homestuck^2 Let's Read series.
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Shamestuck is a Homestuck server, focused more on the jaded parts of the Homestuck fan community. Here you can vent about poor writing choices, deconstruct problems with the Homestuck canon, or talk with like-minded individuals about the highs and lows of the webcomic.
Role-Playing | Community
MSPA (homestuck, problem sleuth, etc) role playing server
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just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
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We are a kinnie server for the homestucks, we are system friendly! And hope we have a welcoming environment for everyone!
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A small-time server focused around the LGBT community and Homestuck. I don't plan on going all out honestly; so if you like small servers with hopefully close-knit people, you should give it a go.
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Happy awesomeness growth love joy Art Music
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A Homestuck Roleplay with a Fresh take on the Universe of the Alpha/Beta Session Filled with Adventure, Love, Thrill, Mystery and Most Importantly. Old Secrets.
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═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════ Howdy :0 This is a shitpost server mostly for the sake of having fun and all Feel free to join and discuss about homestuck and stuff oh yeah no NSFW allowed ═════════∗•✧๑◈๑✧•∗═════════
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〈 ————————————————————- 〉 Based on the SAHcon 2020 chat-c(heese) Chillestuck is a Homestuck community about cheese Cheese n' chill But if you're not inherently interested into Homestuck you can still join since we don't talk about homestuck all the time 〈 ————————————————————- 〉
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Homestuck homestuck homestuck homestuck homestuck homestuck homestuck homestuck
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Hey Homestuck Fans! Welcome to JustYourAverageDoseOfHomestuck! This is an 18+ roleplay server that takes place in a dream bubble where all wacky shenanigans ensue! -Mainly for fun roleplay. Script and literate roleplay are both allowed here! -Only Beta kids, Alpha kids, Beta Trolls, and Alpha trolls(dancestors) are allowed right now. You can ask for another character but it may or may not be accepted! -No OCs as of right now. Subject to change in the future. -Characters are first come first serve! No doubles. No character application required. Taken Characters: Beta Kids: John Dave Alpha Kids: {All taken except Jane Crocker} Beta Trolls: {All taken except for Kanaya, Vriska, Terezi, and Equius} Alpha Trolls: Kankri Damara Cronus Meenah
Role-Playing | Community
============== Welcome to Gemstuck-RP We are a server of friendly mods, folks, and look forward to seeing you enjoy our many features, which include: >Thorough Rules >Self Assigned Roles >Blacklist >Audition for character system >OOC Chats