Grab your grey face paint and join us in HSAT! Here you can share art, cosplays as well as roleplay and just chat here! We welcome Hiveswap as well as fankids and trolls!
a discord server based on the infamous webcomic, Homestuck. it's hell! come join us.
Hello who ever out there may be seeing this, we're a fairly new community looking for those looking for us. This package includes.... ✬ Homestuck??? ✬Possible Frogs??? ✬ Welcoming Citizens??? ✬ As well as tiny pieces which should be kept away from children
Do you like roleplaying? Do you like Hiveswap: Friendsim? Well, here's the place for you! We've got tons of characters open, so jump in and grab them while you can. We've been running for a couple years, and are currently in the process of a Grand Reboot, so that's a thing.