Community | LGBT
Hello! This is a server for poly people that want to hang out and make new friends. All are welcome to join in and talk, seek advice, play games, watch movies/tv together, or even do kickass karaoke! We are always growing and improving so don’t be afraid to come check us out!
Community | Social
A neo-tribal virtual commune for polyamorous people ages 18+ who are either in or curious about the BDSM lifestyle. We're focused on creating new connections, both friendly as well as romantic. We talk about everyday life, our hobbies, cooking, music, movies. We discuss the challenges and rewards of loving more than one. We share safe, sane and consensual kink play. We support each other. We're building more than just another chat server with hundreds of names you don't recognize. We're gathering mature, active people who want to participate and be a part of a real community.