New Garry's Mod server being developed by the makers of CanYouSurvive DayZ servers.
Новый развивающийся русский сервер, нацеленный на игровое комьюнити. Общение, боты, игры - есть все, что нужно для развлечения и отдыха. Будем рады увидеть Вас на нашем сервере! (〃^▽^〃)
Hello, You have been invited to the Garry's Mod Server --Jobs CAREPACKAGES Beekeeping Cocaine Mining System Trashman Lean Production MethLab Executioner Weed Growing YeastBeast Advanced Mayor System Ballistic Shields --Extra Suits Advanced Bank Robbery System Coinflips - No Exploits Fixed Hitboxes Gun Shelves Casino ATMs Bitminers 2 Keycard Scanner Title Store Inventory System Credit Store Links :legacygaming: Forums » Workshop: Join Link: steam://connect/
We are a semi-serious Clone Wars RP server, we offer over 7 clone battalions, an easy but rewarding rank system, and a fun and chill environment. Our server IP: Our Discord: