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Our main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy chatting,gaming & interacting with other users Or if you just enjoy all the free rewards we give you :D We also do giveaways to reward our users who are active & keep the server a enjoyable
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Birlikte oyun oynayabileceğiniz samimi bir ortam gelip görebilirsiniz yetkililer çok samimi ortam çok samimi herkes birbirinle gayet iyi anlaşıyor ve toxic insanlardan uzak
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Новый развивающийся русский сервер, нацеленный на игровое комьюнити. Общение, боты, игры - есть все, что нужно для развлечения и отдыха. Будем рады увидеть Вас на нашем сервере! (〃^▽^〃)
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Hello, You have been invited to the Exodus Roleplay Garry's Mod Server What do we offer? CUSTOM UNBOX SYSTEM Amazing Guns/Suits CUSTOM DJ BOOTHS Moonshine Pizza Chef PyroTechnic Security Tech TrashMan Lean Firework Maker CarePackages Meth Cook Weed Grower 0 Lag/Delay Active Staff Spells & More
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No stress gaming community brought to you by the creators of and, ⭐12+ game servers .(more to come) ⭐Lots of custom emojis ⭐Frequent giveaways. ⭐Meet new people. ⭐Engaged staff team. ⭐TF2, CSGO, Rust and, Dota 2 ⭐Steam group. ⭐Suggestions about game servers and, discord server will be acknowledge no matter what! ⭐Official site
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Pootis Network is a community since 2015 running GMOD and TF2 servers. We were the first for VR on gmod and first for Comp 2Fort/Turbine!
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Escuela de Magia española, únete y aprende hechizos, enseña o incluso haz el mal y diviértete tomando unas copas y volando con las escobas!
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Gmod Axis vs Allies server that focuses on the Eastern Front. This server includes Historical Ranks, Vehicles, and Maps.
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Epic-Battle Sandbox is a super-fast joining server which allows you to enjoy Garry's Mod Sandbox again! With fast Bhop, leaderboard displaying top PvP players (Headshots, Kills, Deaths), custom contents, this is the place you want to be!