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SWTOR RP-guild @ Darth Malgus
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Welcome to the Brotherhood of Vyrutis, A discord made for the streamer Vyrutis, and his community. Even our guild "TheBrotherhood" on SWTOR is here. We focus on SWTOR, iracing mostly but into other games to. For having a chat, watching some streams or wanne join us in SWTOR. This is the place. V
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This server almost flows along the Clone Wars Timeline. Darth Maul, after defeating Qui-Gon, goes into hiding. The Jedi order, fearing the rise of the Sith, begins training as warriors. What they did not know was that the rule of Two had been abolished over 200 years ago. For these past few centuries, the self proclaimed Sith Emperor has rebuilt the Old Sith Empire. Building a droid army, this New Sith Empire has been influencing separatist worlds for many years. Staging an execution on Geonosis, the Sith revealed themselves to the Jedi. Responding to this, the Jedi Order established a massive reform. With the help of their Clone Army, the Jedi take over as the leaders of the weakened Republic. Now the Jedi Republic and Sith Empire once again wage war for control over the galaxy. Will you join the Reformed Jedi Order and fight to maintain peace in the galaxy, or will you join the New Sith Empire and fight to dominate over the galaxy?
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Discord server for Twitch streamer rambol.
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Gaming and Roleplay Server centered and themed around Star Wars.
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A server about playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and general community chats. There are two factions you can join for more specific talks and possible role-playing if you want.
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Star Wars: Galaxy Enthralled: This RP is set between the time periods of 3636 BBY and 16 ATC. The Sith Empire has re-emerged from its absence, and is more powerful than ever. The Jedi and Galactic Republic one again fight for their place in the galaxy as peace keepers, working to stop the spread of oppression via the Empire. In this haste, the Republic and Empire are training more soldiers, and Force Users than ever, crime also springs into action full time, Bounty Hunters and Smugglers coming into use more than ever. Sith Emperor Vitiate was killed by a Jedi Knight known only as "The Hero of Tython", Grand Master Satele Shan has gone into Exile, and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom was assassinated. Leaving the Imperial Throne open, The Grand Master's Council Seat Open, and the position of Supreme Commander open. (We have events often and would love to see you join)
Welcome to MacLaren's Pub! No, not the bar promptly promoted in the TV show "How I Met Your Mother", but a Discord server comprising of gamers from a variety of communities such as Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Dead by Daylight, and Red Dead Redemption 2. There will be more games to come in the future. The games in this community server will mainly be games that our admins play so we can be more involved, knowledgeable, and helpful to everyone. In this Discord server you will find general chat threads (game specific and non game specific), a meme channel where you can share all the funny pictures you want, pet chats where you can show us all the pictures you have of your animals, Battle Stations where you can show off your insane PC setup, loads of voice channels where you can hang out, relax, or go ballistic running raids or PVPing. We have patch note channels for all our games, a Pokémon channel, and a casino!
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The Discord Server from my german YouTube Channel: