At Hyperplex you can meet new people, play games, socialize, participate in events and receive the latest gaming news. HPX is mostly a PC community but also dabbles in XBOX, PS4 and Switch. We play a little bit of everything including Destiny 2, Apex Legends, PUBG, WoW, Path of Exile and Rainbow Six Siege just to name a few. Also check out our website at
This server is based on gaming, we are a newly found community; wanting to find new people to enjoy games with each other. We aim to be an active community that provides a wide range of events, game get-together's, etc. We are currently looking for staff to help run the server. We're always open to suggestions. Please, join, and help create a great community!
Wir sind ein deutscher Division Discord. Dieser Discord wurde aus dem Streben gegründet, einen Server zu schaffen, der dem Spiel gerecht wird. Wir haben dabei versucht, alle Features die uns auf anderen Servern fehlten, zu bieten und gleichzeitig bestehende Features zu verbessern. Unter anderem haben wir mehrere News-Channel mit News zu Division, sowie Ankündigungen von Events, Wartungsarbeiten und Release neuer Spielmodi je für Division 1 und 2. Die Anmeldung für diese ist freiwillig und man kann sich jederzeit wieder abmelden. Des Weiteren haben wir plattformspezifische Rollen und damit verbundene Lobbys, damit auch Konsolenspieler teamen können und die Chats nicht nur von PC-Spielern dominiert sind.
🎮Gaming Nest🎮 We are looking for serious & mature players! (18+ Not a must, but recommended) 🔥 Call Of Duty: MW 🔥 Borderlands 3 🔥 The Division 2 - over 100 active and experienced players 🔥 CS GO Faceit/MM 🔥 PUBG PC Come and join us! and and ask for the game role 🙂
We here at Rogues Network are centered on providing a good, healthy, environment where everyone can join without feeling unsafe. We offer: Battlefield V community CS:GO community Flashing Lights community GTA community FiveM community A Division 2 clan Giveaways! Tournaments! Join us today to be part of a fun and friendly server!
Trash Brigade is a brand new Multi Gaming Community devoted to growing and creating an environment where you can meet players who are interested in the games you like. We promote our streamers and provide a community Youtube Channel where you can submit replays to be edited with a shoutout and links directed to you. Events/Tournaments are hosted regularly.