Talk is one of the biggest and fastest-growing discords harbouring well over 3000+ members - Anyone is welcome here
Titans League is a 3.3.5 Private WoW Server that implemented the recreation of the game. The server comes with a lot of custom content including a fully functional Battle Royale Battleground! Mario Kart ! Item Upgrader ! Join us to have the best experience never seen in the World of Warcraft scenes !
Clan de amigos de World of Warcraft que durante años ha ido sumando nuevos compañeros a sus filas. Un lugar especial con gente especial.
Second_Fry's first Discord server. Первый сервер второго Фрая.
A Discord Server to talk about Lua and WoW AddOns
Discord do Warcraft Brasil.
The MASH discord is the home of Mash Those Buttons' podcasts and their communities.
Warcraft Goldfarming content on Youtube & Twitch TV SwiftRage
Communauté Multi-Gaming Française, délire et bonne humeur, le smile vous l'aurez toujours ici !
Приветствую вас в дискорд сервере " Гильдия - А Л Ь Я Н С " Дискорд сервер посвящён игре - World Of Warcraft Здесь вы сможете - Найти игроков для похода в подземелье и просто хороших людей. - Задать вопрос по игре, либо просто попросить скинуть качающие треки. - Попросить помощи по квестам ( Не всегда помогаем :wink: ) - Получить лвл общаясь в гол/текст. чате. Чем выше лвл, тем больше доверие к вам. ( !ранг - просмотр lvl'a ) Повышая доверие, у вас появляется возможность получить ОФИЦЕРА в гильдии а так же роль. ДИСКОРД КАНАЛ ПРИНАДЛЕЖИТ ГИЛЬДИИ - " А Л Ь Я Н С
Small community revolving around MMOs, League of Legends, and Sea of Thieves. All welcome
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<V A N Q U I S H> Gaming Community
Resto Shaman/Warrior hub for RFC WF runs.
Support and discussion about the Musician add-on for World of Warcraft
Serveur Discord de la Team G.O.
Since the beginning in 2017, Battle Scars was established as a place in-game that could be a true home for both new people and returning, to enjoy World of Warcraft in a calm and non-toxic setting. Within reason, we allow the necessary room to learn from mistakes and improve as a part of our team, as well as indvidually. Despite being as all-inclusive as possible, we do ask of our people to work on any weaknesses and require that Raiders and especially Core Raiders try to perform to the relative best of their abilities. This will include at least basic talent and gear optimisation, gems/enchants, consumables... and at least a basic knowledge of boss strategies for your role. As a community, we help each other where and whenever possible with all this. • Don’t be a dick. • Communicate. • Have fun.
Terran Gaming Veterans is a community of PC gamers, largely English speaking, spanning across the globe. Our community and our affiliations have grown in recent years. We're now offering a discord server. Simple rules, little restrictions but administrated.
Русскоязычное сообщество игроков в Dota 2, CS:GO, World Of Tanks, DayZ, и многих других игр. Хорошая атмосфера и приятные люди. Присоединяйтесь!
Grumpy Gaming is a gaming community with a second-family like mindset. We're friendly, passionate and we love to play games!
Hello! You are more then welcome to join my server! :smile: We play Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and many more! Anyone is welcome!
Aspire is an Alliance Mythic Raiding Guild on the Stormrage-US Server
Wir sind ein deutsches Gamingnetzwerk mit dem Augenmerk auf WoW, Fortnite und Apex! Was brauchst du unseren Server zu joinen? Spaß am Gamen über 16 Jahre alt sein anständige Unterhaltungsweise Sei tolerant! #420 #turnup #doping bestätigte Email Erfüllst du alle diese Punkte? Dann joine uns! Nicht erschrecken, du musst dir selbst Reche im #quickstart Channel geben. Wenn du dabei Probleme hast gehe in den #hilfe Channel!
We are a chill server for adults who have a love and passion for WoW Classic. Come hang out, talk about the game, ask "when is the release date?!" and have a good time!
A world of warcraft clan, We play on any World of Warcraft expansion. We are the Templars, we fight to the very end... We are the kights of the Holy Empire, we show no fear! For The Alliance!
Guilde PVE HL sur world of Warcraft, nous avons pour objectif de Progress sur le jeux. Raid le Mercredi, jeudi et le vendredi de 20:45 à 23:00. Passer sur le discord toute candidature sera étudié.
World of Warcraft Guild and Community for
A group of creative and thoughtful individuals learning how to improve in our creative fields. We have visual artists, musicians, memers, doomers, zoomers, and boomers. We enjoy sharing art, music and movies together! With a lite theme of space, it's a great place for any cosmic explorer.
A fun friendly server for all gamers. We play multiplayer games together such as Albion Online, Paladins, Rainbow 6 Siege, and World of Warcraft Classic (upon release). Come join us and find some new friends to hang out with.
*•.¸♡ Hearts of Azeroth is a brand-new community server based entirely around World of Warcraft! Our goal is to create a fun, safe place for all kinds of WoW fans - content creators, casual fans, and hardcore raiders alike.
Frovan Empire is an online gaming community server we will be doing monthly giveaways. Our group is friendly and accepting of all people, if you join this will also be expected of you! We play a plethora of games and will likely at least try what you play! If you do join make sure to read and accept the server rules so that you can join us in a voice channel!
Servidor brasileiro de World Of Warcraft - 3.3.5a
Павел. 35+ лет. Айтишник, геймер, алкоголик. Люблю сиськи. Играю в денди. В своих чертогах разума я нахожу те игры, которые вы никогда не запустили бы добровольно. Какие-то из них хорошие, какие-то плохие, а какие-то шедевральные и на них стоит обратить внимание. Добро пожаловать и до встречи в сети!
Neta is a community for all things World of Warcraft related. Whether you're big into running high Mythic+ keys, or Heroic raiding, or you're more casual and new to the game, looking to break into the scene, this is the community for you. We aim to house skilled players, and newbies alike to form a big, strong, non-toxic learning community for all content to strengthen end-game participation as a whole. We are currently looking for leadership in all aspects of the game. These positions are as follows, but are not limited to: Raid Leader, Mythic+ Leaders, Experienced Arena Players and more. For more information, please join the discord, or message myself personally. Fuze#5531
Come Be a potato. Learn to code, and find friends.
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