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Bienvenue ! Nous organisons une campagne de WOT (World Of Tanks) retraçant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale pour commémorer les 75 ans de l'armistice.
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Легендарный танковый шутер. Сражайся в командных боях 7 на 7 в одиночку или с друзьями, исследуй и улучшай бронетехнику, пробуй разные тактики и побеждай.
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(Servidor ainda esta em desenvolvimento) Servidor feito de fan para fan. Este é um servidor do jogo World Of Tanks.
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Bienvenu sur la page du clan ADN ( Alliance Du Nord ) ! L'Alliance Du Nord est une petite équipe World Of Tanks. Tout le monde peut jouer avec les ADN, mais pour en devenir un il faudra voir avec les commandants et commandants en second.
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Русскоязычное сообщество игроков в Dota 2, CS:GO, World Of Tanks, DayZ, и многих других игр. Хорошая атмосфера и приятные люди. Присоединяйтесь!
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GOLB: is suitable for players with A family life where the time spent gaming needs to be a place to chill with other mature players and get a good old belly laugh. We have enough grey hair in our clan to realize Life is Short!
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Este es un server una pequeña comunidad de world of tanks y de league of legend, no permitimos la toxicidad venimos a pasarlo bien. Contamos con varios streamers en el, Stronk_Maxi y Sar_Luk entre ellos, Esperamos que os animeis a pasaros para disfrutar de una comunidad sana de videojuegos
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War thunder star citizen world of tanks world of warships star citizen world of Warcraft
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We want to build an active community that will engage not just with each other. Currently, we hope to get more active members to make things that way and create a large community for wargaming players.
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We all have a little bit of Autism in us, here you can let it all out without any consequences. No rules! Except don't do anything illegal.