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We are a small server at the moment but we want to grow, more fans, more content more fun we may be small but don't let that deter you from joining, just because me are small. We have everything for a Star Wars Fans everything coming up, News, Rumours all split up in their own areas.
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Présentation rapide du serveur. Bonjour/Bonsoir, Pour Commencez, le serveur sera à l'époque de Clone Wars, en matière de distance elles sera très grand entièrement visitable sans temps de chargement. Voici quelques fonctionnalités qu’il sera “possible” sur le serveur : -À l'inverse d’un serveur GMOD, chaque régiment aura son propre VENATOR. -Chaque joueur aura la capacité de créer ses propres animations, -Vous pourrez effectuer des appels holographiques, -Et encore plein d'autres choses qu'on pourra trouver dans la série de The Clone Wars. Nous allons faire que le serveur va pouvoir s'autogérée, c’est-à-dire, que Chaque planète / Venator aura des attaques ciblées ou non à n’importe quels moments (du moment qu’il y aura un minimum de joueurs). Le serveur sera développer sur le jeu S&BOX (Gmod 2). Le serveur sera en Phase 2 CGI. /!\Attention ce que j'ai marqué n'est pas forcément applicable/!\
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The Star Wars 703rd Roleplay Server is a chat-based roleplaying game based around the Clone Wars.
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In this server we talk about StarWars and we are a fan server for the WOOKIEEPEDIA, which is a forum for wiki fandom... we talk about star wars, we have fun, there are plenty of bots, we are trying to build a community so that every Star Wars fan enjoys their stay and make friends with the others!
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Dravmo Gaming is a Garry’a Mod Clone Wars RP server which is expected to launch in late or early may introducing a quest system, environmental NPCs, and even a medal system! Come and join the fun and introduce yourself to the community, we’ll be waiting for you to come play and enjoy our brand new CWRP server when it comes out, mess around on the Discord until then!
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A RWBY Fan server with some weird, funny, friendly and crazy people, some who are also major Star Wars fans.
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The Official Grand Army of the Republic. Discuss about Clones, Missions, and the Battlefront. We are looking for Clones to be Generals, Commanders, and Captains in the Grand Army of the Republic. Create your own Clone Name and Join the Fight against the Sepies To
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Welcome to Star Wars: Galactic Balance, your place for everything Star Wars related. Here you will join a group of epic Star Wars fans looking to create a wonderful and fun community for SW Fans and Roleplayers.
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Welcome to Mando's Cantina, where you can talk about star wars movies,series,video games and more! We also do giveaways sometimes! We are very welcoming to new members! First few people to join get a veteran role
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We are a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Milsim playing on xbox, based on the Clone Wars Era. We offer a unique experience to our members as well as fun times playing!
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The Death Star is a Star Wars focused Discord server with many Star Wars commands, channels, and fans on the server. The only Star Wars fan server you'd wanna be in!
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A Star Wars: The Clone Wars dedicated server for fanart and fanfiction sharing, making friends, and loving the best boys. LGBT Friendly.
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The official Discord server of, home of the finest Star Wars comedy, parody, and satire on the Holonet. Here we discuss and make fun of the Star Wars universe which is all love as well as do weekly watch-along of The Mandalorian. Feel free to join us!