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Premier Star Citizen Organization, focused on all aspects and activities of Star Citizen.
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Ce serveur discord est un serveur sur le thème de l'espace, il y a plusieurs rôles à gagner donc n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre pour t'amuser avec d'autre personnes ou peut êtres te faire de nouveau amies. Le règlement ses simples il y en a pas juste ce respecté entre personne et le racisme est strictement interdit.
Community | Hobbies
A Star Wars related server for normal people who just want to chat and hang out with other enthusiasts without drama and politics.
Gaming | Meme
welcome to a fun hangout discord! here we chat, talk about memes, have jackbox game sessions and much more. there's no theme and anyone can enjoy! (this server is heavily humor-focused, don't join if you're of faint heart)
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A court de carburant quantique après un saut mal planifié, ou bloqué dans un espace inconnu avec un propulseur cassé, un pilote en détresse peut toujours compter sur le service de dépannage d'urgence de Gargoyles Space pour prêter une assistance rapide et efficace, même dans les recoins les plus som
Role-Playing | Science
An alternate timeline in the Star Wars universe, in which the Chancellor Palpatine was successfully arrested, though a chain of events caused the Jedi to be labelled as criminals and warmongers, thrusting the galaxy into chaos and war. Now, a galaxy divided, must find a way to restore peace, or suffer war forever.
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NightStarz Cafe is now open! Come get a nice snack or have a nice shift. Relax, and attend trainings and interviews! You can now get trained to be Security, Cashier and Chef. And you can also get Interviewed to be a Trainee if you are a Valued Guest! Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day!
Meme | Community
“ALL PATRICK LOVERS, welcome!! Join and you get a :star️: on the noodle board”
Gaming | Furry
The Gold Star Plaza is a place where People can enjoy Racing and/oe Chatting in the Speedster Café, Post and get comments of their art in the Art Gallery, or just simple Chaos in the Anarchist's Tavern! Make Sure to Be Positive and Active!
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Star Citizen Ru - крупнейший публичный русскоязычный Discord сервер игрового проекта Star Citizen
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A Discord community of friends for gamers and non-gamers.
Community | Beliefs
A server where Kirby does his prayings, because every gud boi like Kirby needs to pray. UwU Although it is a pretty small server, it'd be great if YOU, the newcomer can fill the spaces we need. There are : ◇ Tons of roles ◇ Amazing people ◇ Roleplays ◇ Friendly administrators and moderators ◇ Memes And many many more! Wanna join? Click here! #MakeChurchofKirbyGreatAgain
Role-Playing | Writing
The Star Wars 703rd Roleplay Server is a chat-based roleplaying game based around the Clone Wars.
Community | Social
Star Wars! Come hang out with other Star Wars fans and discuss movies, games, theories and so much more! Now looking for new members! 💥 STAR WARS 💥 🎥 MOVIES 🎥 🎮 GAMING 🎮 💡 THEORIES 💡 🤣 MEMES 🤣
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Główny Serwer Polskiej Społeczności Star Wars Battlefront. Nasz serwer jest aktywny od 6 sierpnia 2016r. Zrzeszamy największych fanów serii gier Star Wars: Battlefront oraz fanów Gwiezdnych Wojen. Znajdziesz u Nas: - najlepsze poradniki - najbardziej skillowych polskich graczy - najbardziej wypasione turnieje - regularne wspólne gierki - ciekawe wyzwania - epickie emotki i wiele więcej! Wbijaj Śmiało!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Star Wars with a twist! Note: There is some NSFW content but the role to see it is purely optional
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Star Wars Finland on Suomen Jediyhdistys Ry:n (Suomen Jediakatemia) virallinen Discord-palvelin, jonka keskiössä on keskustelu tieteismediasarjasta Star Wars. Keskustelu ei kuitenkaan rajoitu vain siihen, ja palvelimelta löytyykin laaja kirjo erilaisia aihealueita. Palvelin toimii myös Jediakatemian toiminnan välittäjänä. Tavoitteenamme on luoda ystävällinen, avoin ja idearikas yhteisö jossa jokainen löytää jotain itselleen.
Gaming | Entertainment
Star Games SCP Playground provides a fun place for you and your friends to play! We have added server settings that makes our server more entertaining than the average server.