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A competitive league for EA Star Wars: Battlefront II 2017 on the PC platform. Our community serves as a main hub for competitive events and host seasonal tournaments, league matches, and mixed scrimmages. A partner of /r/StarWarsBattlefront Discord.
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Classic Squad dedicated to playing as a solid working squad - All Battlefield games, SW Battlefront II, PUBG LITE.
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Halo, Battlefront, Battlefield, Gears
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Still enjoy playing STAR WARS Battlefront 2015 on PS4? Looking to earn trophies? Having trouble finding a DLC game? Or just looking for friends to team up with on Walker Assault? Look no further - our SWBF1 Player Community server on Discord is now up and running! Over there we can interact with fellow STAR WARS Battlefront 2015 players and stay informed on what’s happening in the community! Don’t miss out! It’s way more effective than the existing PS Community and Message platforms! We’ve set notifications for only @mentions so don’t worry about receiving a notification for each and every message sent in our server (no notification spam - hooray!). Also, we’ve got good-guy admins so don’t worry about toxicity either! We have channels for Walker Assault, Supremacy, Bespin, Death Star, Scrims, Cargo, Community Events, Tournaments and more! It is our collective hope for this all-in-one social/gaming platform to become the central nexus for the active SWBF1 (or BF2015) community!
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Główny Serwer Polskiej Społeczności Star Wars Battlefront. Nasz serwer jest aktywny od 6 sierpnia 2016r. Zrzeszamy największych fanów serii gier Star Wars: Battlefront oraz fanów Gwiezdnych Wojen. Znajdziesz u Nas: - najlepsze poradniki - najbardziej skillowych polskich graczy - najbardziej wypasione turnieje - regularne wspólne gierki - ciekawe wyzwania - epickie emotki i wiele więcej! Wbijaj Śmiało!
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STAR WARS Battlefront II de EA Español y Latinoamérica. Comunidad hispanohablante de STAR WARS Battlefront II de EA para las plataformas PC, Playstation y Xbox. Únete para encontrar amigos, acordar partidas y también son bienvenidos los jugadores de los anteriores títulos.
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Hi, I'm Dallas and I'm the Star Wars guy. We're going to be playing and talking about any and all things Star Wars, every single week. If you'd rather be in a galaxy far, far away...smash that subscribe button and join me over here on the dark side! ;)
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We are an Imperial themed Star Wars Gaming Community established in 1999. We exist to have fun, first and foremost! We hope you'll join us for gaming nights, weekly events, ribbons, awards, personal profile, and more!
The Largest Australian/Oceanian Community for EA's Star Wars Battlefront II.