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Gaming | Programming
Xbox360 emulator https://github.com/xenia-project/xenia https://www.patreon.com/xenia_project
[PC] Halo 5: Forge Discord Icon
Gaming | Community
We do Customs every Sunday night on Windows 10. It's free. Join us!
The Official UNSC Community Icon
Community | Gaming
The Official home of the UNSC Clan community.
Rejoice Gaming Community Icon
Gaming | Community
Hello! This is just a community dedicated for a bunch of fellas who wanna chill, share memes, and overall have a good time! Our discord is fairly focused on a handful of video games, and serves to appeal to everyone! Come by and give it a try! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find a community that you feel that you belong!
Keymind Dev Team Icon
Community | Entertainment
Cuenta oficial de Keymind, desarrolladores de la campaña personalizada de Halo (hecha con Halo: Edición personalizada) basada en la novela Halo: The Flood. - Official account of Keymind, devs of the Halo custom campaign (made with Halo: Custom Edition) based on the novel Halo: The Flood.
HaloCE TSC:E-Multiplayer Icon
Gaming | Community
The Silent Cartographer Evolved Multiplayer Mod For Halo Custom Edition More then just a Multiplayer map! Join in this Server if you are interested in some cool HaloCE Mods Projects and if you like halo mods in general.
Halo: Infinite Icon
Gaming | Community
A Fan-made community for Halo: Infinite players. Discuss the game, discuss the lore, find groups for any content. Join us as we prepare for the release of the next chapter in the Halo Series.
XFerginatorX Icon
Gaming | Social
Halo, Battlefront, Battlefield, Gears
Blushe Icon
Gaming | Community
Destiny 2 Community, we prefer adult players. age minimum 17 years old. we are a new thriving community.
MCC (PC) Slayers Icon
Gaming | eSports
Competitive LFG server for Master Chief Collection (PC) players.
Gold Team Productions Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
Gaming, Halo, YouTube, Events
Mega Awesome Gaming Lounge Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to Mega Awesome Gaming Lounge! There's chats for everyone! You can make friends! and More! Join today!
Original Utrone Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.
Spartan War Games Icon
Gaming | Community
Hello & welcome to the group, be sure to read the #welcome page & #rules page before posting as well as check out upcoming events on our events page, we try to host at least three games every week.
Disintegration Icon
Gaming | Community
Community Server for Disintegration by V1 Interactive and Private Division.
Bigass Icon
Gaming | Social
Discord server for aLTis' Halo CE mods. If you are interested in Bigass or other Halo mods then you should join!
Carbonara Inc. Icon
Gaming | Community
Comunità Discord italiana di Gaming
Project Freelancer (Red VS Blue) Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with AI implants. It is a very laid back roleplay server. We are not entirely story oriented, but instead focused on character development
Red vs. Blue Icon
Gaming | Meme
Heavily comfy hub in the middle of the desert, where people can hang out, talk to each other and play video games.
Hunter Killer Gang Icon
Community | Gaming
Come join and hang out, relaxed environment we are doing tournaments for multiple platforms, primarily on Xbox. Ranks, specialty roles, and more!
Gaming | eSports
I'm a up and coming small twtich streamer that has a discord channel to engage with gamers and also myself :0. this server is mainly overwatch, if you want some friends and play with some people then come by! there's only a few members but we are trying to grow! i will be streaming also and it will notify you and stuff :). a lot of stuff will be added to the server soon! MODS ARE NEEDED DM ME AND WE WILL TALK.
The Halo Clan Community™ Icon
Gaming | Social
This server serves as a central hub for the entirety of the Halo Clan Community, featuring 50+ different halo clans & much more!
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Community | Gaming
Community of older gamers looking for people to play co-op and competitive games with.
Halo MCC PC Icon
Gaming | Emoji
▶ Over 4.5K people! ▶ LEVEL 2, with 20 boosts ▶ Nitro giveaways ▶ Roles for every gamemode and more ▶ Always active voice chats ▶ Latest Custom maps and gamemodes ▶ UNSC vs Covenant Event ▶ Minecraft Server And way more and more reasons to join!
ComputedBrick40’s Gaming Hub Icon
Gaming | Community
Overall this discord is a place where people can link up and play their favorite games with new people, or just chill and have a good time. From tournaments to literally a channel meant for memes, this channel will always keep you entertained. Hope you enjoy!
Graslu00's Server Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Gaming server mainly about GoldenEye and N64. Made for my YouTube community, but everyone is welcome to have a chat or play with us! We play both old and modern games, so jump in if you wish to play some GoldenEye, Fortnite, Minecraft, or Halo between others.
TT Clan Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Fun server For all kinds of gamers!
Noob's Gaming Revolution Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Looking for that nostalgic feeling of play custom games & multiplayer with friends? Join Noob's Gaming Revolution and start having some fun!
Noble Icon
Gaming | Community
A fun, freindly and welcoming gaming server, focusing on Halo and World of Tanks.
Twitch Plays Halo 3 Icon
Twitch Plays Halo, the ultimate challenge! Come join and take part in this live event.
Blood Oath Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
Gaming, socializing, and the hub for the BOG Clan. - Game Giveaways - Friday Night Movies - Minecraft, Halo, Destiny 2, COD, and more Join today to meet a community of new friends!
Project: Phoenix Icon
Community | Gaming
Project: Phoenix is a group of content creators from Twitch and YouTube who are aiming to create a thriving community.
The Occult Icon
Anime | Gaming
Pretty much a gaming server that voice calls a lot when playing MC or other steam games. We also have the most random conversations in chat. We welcome everyone!
👹 𝙔 ō 𝘬 𝘢 𝘪  𝙂 𝘢 𝘯 𝘨 👺 Icon
Gaming | Meme
Filled with Memes, Anime, Music, Epic Gamer's, Fancy Bots, ligma and much more! Join our community to make new friends and hangout!
World Of Gamerz Icon
Gaming | Community
World Of Gamerz A friendly server for all gamers, no matter what or how you play! We play games like: Halo, Fortnite, Smash, Among us, etc.. (We play a large variety of games!) We now have a dedicated category for creators. Here you can: 1. Plan collabs 2. Get tips 3. Make friends with fellow creators 4. Anything If you are just a gamer or even a creator, this is the place for you! https://discord.gg/XBvSPNTMju
Evolved Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Evolved community, the better community! Rapidly growing new server that aims to bring players from all sorts of games into one big community!
Halo: Ruination Icon
Role-Playing | Military
The year is currently 2560, two years have elapsed since the events of the cataloged Guardian Event. The Swords of Sanghelios have solidified themselves as a major faction within the galaxy, allying themselves with the UNSC and honoring their longstanding friendship between species. As a result of the SOS defense of their homeworld Sanghelios, the Covenant Remnant took a major blow to their overall combat force and in a current state of disarray through constant infighting for power and control. The faction has currently splintered itself into small groups with a ruling warlord. While fighting one another, the broken faction was caught completely off guard by a series of blitz attacks from another faction, The Banished. The Banished have cut swathes through the Covenant Remnants and UNSC positions alike. Will you help them or the UNSC, fight for freedom or dominion? Make a choice here!
Halo 2 : Project Cartographer Icon
Gaming | Community
Project Cartographer is a multiplayer add on for Halo 2 on the PC. It provides an online experience as well as brand new features. It is constantly changing to bring back a great experience to Halo 2. Visit us at http://www.halo2pc.com
Team bean Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Something for everyone Come join our server it's brand new so don't rate it too harshly xD I am a streamer and looking to build a nice community with people I can get to know and have fun with. I will be doing giveaways very soon and would love it if you came to check it out and say hi anybody is welcome. hope to see you there soon!
👑 Royal Blood 🌐 Icon
Community | Gaming
The server is designed to connect gamers from around the world. Along with organize efficient communication for our variety of event/tournaments.
Anime | Gaming
Come have fun and chat in a chill enviroment. Lots of discussion about gaming, movies, anime, giant robots and whatever else.
O.H.I. VRC Server Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
O.H.I. or other wise known as Official Headhunter's Intelligence is a semi-serious RP based server for VR Chat. We focus on specialized teams like ODST, Spartan, and Sangheli Operatives from the franchise HALO. We are strictly VR Chat as of now and are new to the game. We are gaining members day by day and our goal at the end of this month is to get to 100 members maximum, 70 members minimal. (As of 3/4/21). We have a program we use for voice changers, usually one's that make you sound sangheli or even have a Spartan/ODST helmet on. We have multiple teams and roles you may pick and choose and also go with a 'patrol' system. The patrols are usually dealt officially once a week to see how many members we can get and leave our mark between each instance in VR Chat. We patrol in teams, either a joint unit or not. Our schedule is usually every Saturday at around 6:30 pm EST time for patrol.
Elros Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Elros is the centerpiece of the universe- where people of all science fiction and fantasy races come together to interact with one another. In this world, all is welcome- from the alien lovers to the furries and everything in between.
OPnOObs Icon
Gaming | Community
We are an Indian community of halo fans and players but also feature a variety of other games that we play.
Halo Infinite Discord Icon
Gaming | eSports
Join our Halo Infinite Discord for the latest news, leaks and discussion relating to the upcoming Halo Infinite game. We’re a growing community and will in the long term be committed to becoming a dedicated Halo Infinite LFG server.
Halo MCC Icon
Gaming | Community
Looking to hang with some chill people? Tired of playing the same custom maps in different servers? want to be in a toxic-free environment? If so then this server is for you! With over 450 members we are a tight knit server that is highly active. We host some community events. We have a lot fun playing a game that we all have fun and bond over and hope you join us to have as much fun as we do!!!
The Covenant Community Icon
Community | Gaming
We are a roblox community based on the covenant empire offering an entertaining way to link up with other members of the genre. If you're intrested in serving a new and improved group you may join the ranks from here!
Halo 360 Nexus Icon
Gaming | Social
The Halo 360 Nexus is a Discord built by gamers, for gamers. It's foundation is on mainly the Halo series on the Xbox 360 but we do include content for many other types of games!
🌀 ABYS 🌀 Icon
Gaming | eSports
ABYS is an online community dedicated to bringing gamers together. Our server currently focuses on Halo, Call of Duty, and SMITE, but will continue to expand. If you like playing Halo, Call of Duty, or SMITE, you'll find us to be a welcoming community with a wide range of player skill sets.
Halo HeadQuarters Icon
Gaming | Community
Halo HeadQuarters is the central hub for all halo needs. We have it all and if not we know where to send you for it.