Art | Writing
This server is a Worldbuilding experiment. The idea is to take the lore of Bionicle G1 and G2, to craft a new universe based on concepts and ideas presented in them (new concepts are welcome). The biggest difference is bringing the bio part more forfront, as in possibly making Matorian humans (though humans are not confirmed as canon yet, cause I want second opinions), so love and sexual reproduction are canon in this universe. Changes to this description will change as the server develops, but should remain brief.
Art | Hobbies
A LEGO and brickfilm related discord server!
Hobbies | Business
Online community for LEGO® collectors, builders, and aficionados of all kinds!
Art | Gaming
we have a decent amount of emotes with more coming every once in awhile, new channels being added if people want them.
Gaming | Entertainment
Lego star wars fans discord server
Technology | Community
A server for participants of the FIRST Lego League competitions!
Gaming | Entertainment
This is a server to discuss LEGO Video Games with fellow fans of the beloved franchise.
Gaming | Entertainment
A Discord Server for LSW:TSS
Community | Meme
In my server you can talk about Legos, Share your opinion on a Lego Set, Listen to memes in voice channel, Listen to music in voice channel, and so much more!