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Art | Hobbies
A LEGO and brickfilm related discord server!
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Hobbies | Business
Online community for LEGO® collectors, builders, and aficionados of all kinds!
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Art | Gaming
we have a decent amount of emotes with more coming every once in awhile, new channels being added if people want them.
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Gaming | Entertainment
Lego star wars fans discord server
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Technology | Community
A server for participants of the FIRST Lego League competitions!
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Gaming | Entertainment
This is a server to discuss LEGO Video Games with fellow fans of the beloved franchise.
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Art | Writing
This server is a Worldbuilding experiment. The idea is to take the lore of Bionicle G1 and G2, to craft a new universe based on concepts and ideas presented in them (new concepts are welcome). The biggest difference is bringing the bio part more forfront, as in possibly making Matorian humans (though humans are not confirmed as canon yet, cause I want second opinions), so love and sexual reproduction are canon in this universe. Changes to this description will change as the server develops, but should remain brief.
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Military | Hobbies
A small community for our shop! Find our website @
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Hobbies | Community
This server is for the LEGO community, and is mainly aimed at builders that want to improve their building abilities through MOC Contests. This server is friendly and is open to anyone interested in LEGO.
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Hobbies | Community
Szia ha szeretsz LEGO-zni vagy csak egy jót akarsz beszélni néz be A szerver jellemzői: jó közöség kedves adminok nsfw mentes
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YouTuber | Community
so you like Star Wars, well I do and I'm tired of people making fun of me when I talk about star wars well here that wont happen cause we people here LOVE star wars and you will not be bullied unless you like pong krell. We have a lego channel where people can show off their legos. We have a hentai
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Community | Hobbies
An awesome chill community full of Lego Star Wars collectors, builders, sellers and more! Share and talk about your favorite sets with other huge Lego Star Wars fans and even the newest shows and movies! JOIN THIS SERVER