The Escape Pod...Cast We talk all things SWGOH. Two radio hosts from opposite ends of the world converge to bring you the premiere pod cast about the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
Servidor SWGOH Brasil
Servidor da guilda Comando Imperial do SWGOH
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guild
Biscuit Weazel presents Biscuits and Star Wars from the perspective of an everyday player to help you succeed even when you don’t think you can succeed.
Einer der größten deutschen Community für Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Shared server for SWGOH guild 3vL.
Recruiting server for the Republic alliance in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
A server for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
The Exiles Nation is a SWGOH guild family!
The Order is an alliance of guilds from the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile gaming community. We are focused on helping each guild in the alliance to play the game and make informed decisions to the best of our ability. We hold monthly PVP challenges between our guilds and it's a very healthy growing community of well informed players. Come join today!
The Shattered Order Podcast is a podcast that covers the Electronic Arts/Capital Games mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). Every week we discuss the news, theorycraft for PVP/PVE, discuss modding techniques, and generally have a lot of fu. Come join us.
Hive of Scum and Villainy Alliance
Keep your legacy - sell your loved SWGOH account!
Discord bar with DJ, Arcade, Bots and support. This server covers you for your gaming needs with mobile games such as Marvel Strike Force (MSF) and Star Wars Galaxy of Heros (SWGOH) Resident and Guest creators regularly share their Podcast, YouTube and twitch content -