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Мы являемся неофициальным, русскоязычным сообществом игры VALORANT в России и СНГ (будет доп. перевод на Украинский). Желаем вам приятного времяпровождения, а так-же приятной игры!
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Uncrowned Gaming provides free, community driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth and improvement of our user's shooter genre game focused activities.
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French and english discord, join for fun. It's all about gaming and computers. If you need help over your computer or a game, this discord can help you! Choose your language to see the english channels ! Discord français et anglais, rejoignez pour du fun. Serveur abordant les jeux-vidéos et les PC. Si vous avez besoin d'aide sur un jeu ou surtout pour une question autour des PC alors ce discord peut vous aider! Choisissez votre langue en rejoignant pour voir les channels français.
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The #1 money making discord server, learn how to make money online in crypto currency.
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Gaming | Streaming
Just another discord server dedicated to gaming and digital entertainment, looking for more. We are streamer friendly, have bots for music, notifications, games etc. The server can host 1080p and 60 fps streams. Post your cars, fashion, rig and other tech too in channel. Notifications in channel so that others know when you're streaming in addition to a temporary Now Streaming tag and @mention. We are a friendly community of gamers, that discuss in chat and voice games, current events and everything in between. We focus on co-op games mostly and some MMOs. Currently looking for more friendly people to join our community and looking to increase our numbers from 200+ to 500+. Thanks for the read. Cheers!