Entertainment | Programming
This is a server that is focused on programming and finding exploits in the zoom service to provide better for the company
Gaming | Community
CLASH ARMY is a Rust Clan that will play a various amount of servers on Rust a popular FPS game played by many people. You don't have to be in the clan to be in the discord server but you can apply to be in the clan if you'd like.
Community | Meme
• Linked with our forums. • Interactive bots (like on any other server)... • Works in conjunction with our Minecraft server. • Many channels with active members and memes. Lots of memes.
Gaming | Community
Einer der größten deutschen Community für Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Furry | Community
TFR is a rapidly growing friendly furry community with full raid-proofing and heavy anti-troll, along with our own dedicate game servers and a separate NSFW server. Come say hai and have some fun!
Gaming | Community
A discord dedicated to the game of Rust. We offer server advertisement, lfg channels and support for the game! We are always growing, come check us out!
Gaming | Streaming
Hardcore Destiny 2 clan with active leadership, nitro perks, an evolving atmosphere, and a unique rank structure. We beat every challenge Destiny threw at us, so we're making up our own, much harder, challenges--and we're beating those, too. Curious? Come find out what Autarkeia's all about.
Gaming | Community
Small gaming community with monthly themes and channels to put random things in. We play mainly FPS games.
Technology | Gaming
We raid servers together
eSports | Gaming
Pokémon Competition und Tournament Server für Schwert und Schild. Natürlich auch mit Raidecke und Handelszentrum. Der Fokus liegt für uns aber auf Turnieren.
Community | Hobbies
If u are interested to raid (real raids not some sh!t) random streams and other stuff join. Invite friends need lot of people for this to work.
Gaming | Social
This is a Destiny/Valorant server with plenty of channels for everything
Gaming | Community
We are a friendly server built around creating a community about our favorite normal type Pokémon! We have general text channels, trading, max raids, battling and much much more! (Including Eevee talk of course!) So come and say hi and make some new friends along the way!