Military | Entertainment
A server about raiding roblox games and doing events, playing games together
Community | Meme
• Linked with our forums. • Interactive bots (like on any other server)... • Works in conjunction with our Minecraft server. • Many channels with active members and memes. Lots of memes.
Gaming | Community
Einer der größten deutschen Community für Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Gaming | eSports
We are a new clan looking to build up a group of active players. We are a PC only clan and are looking to recruit active Guardians to join us. We are experienced RAIDERS and are looking for similar. We are open to teaching as well as long as you are willing to listen and learn. We also have a smaller PvP base who are always up for trials or comp PvP. Our goal is to create a close knit group of active players who can rely on each other for laughs and good times while getting content completed. We don't discriminate on race/gender etc, but do have requirements on age and spoken language.
Furry | Community
TFR is a rapidly growing friendly furry community with full raid-proofing and heavy anti-troll, along with our own dedicate game servers and a separate NSFW server. Come say hai and have some fun!
Gaming | Community
A discord dedicated to the game of Rust. We offer server advertisement, lfg channels and support for the game! We are always growing, come check us out!
Technology | Gaming
We raid servers together
eSports | Gaming
Pokémon Competition und Tournament Server für Schwert und Schild. Natürlich auch mit Raidecke und Handelszentrum. Der Fokus liegt für uns aber auf Turnieren.
Community | Hobbies
If u are interested to raid (real raids not some sh!t) random streams and other stuff join. Invite friends need lot of people for this to work.
Gaming | Social
This is a Destiny/Valorant server with plenty of channels for everything
Gaming | Community
We are a friendly server built around creating a community about our favorite normal type Pokémon! We have general text channels, trading, max raids, battling and much much more! (Including Eevee talk of course!) So come and say hi and make some new friends along the way!
Entertainment | Programming
This is a server that is focused on programming and finding exploits in the zoom service to provide better for the company
Gaming | Community
Just some destiny players who have no friends and are looking for people and friends to finish activities with
Community | Gaming
We are a ROBLOX Community situated around the Robanger community and the SCP community. We raid games and riot at facilities. We are a community that strives for fun and for an expansion of our skills.
Welcome to Crusade Gang, we are a raid focused server that allows anyone (as long as they aren't a paedophile, nazi etc.). We will raid for any reason. We hope to see you soon
Gaming | Social
KooK Patrol is a chill Destiny 2 clan, we play all aspects of the game, always looking for cool chill people to play raids, pvp, pve, weekly bounties, quests together and overall just hang with good people. Mainly a PC server but have members on all platforms. As the server grows there will be nitro perks, give aways, carries, etc.
Community | Entertainment
Have you ever just wanted to raid someones server because they did something wrong or hurt you in thr past or just want revenge well join now