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🌟 Join our 18+ SFW community for gaming 🎮, movie nights 🎥, giveaways, and more! Enjoy a chill, friendly community with AI art access 🖼️ and a dedicated Minecraft server.
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Tranquility (18+ SFW) Discord Server Banner
Tranquility (18+ SFW) Icon
Social | Gaming | Community
🌟 Join our 18+ SFW community for gaming 🎮, movie nights 🎥, giveaways, and more! Enjoy a chill, friendly community with AI art access 🖼️ and a dedicated Minecraft server.
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Programming | Technology
ANY.RUN – Interactive Cloud-based Sandbox with an innovative approach to #malware analysis. Welcome to the ANY.RUN community on Discord! We're excited to see you in our community of cyber security professionals. For those who are new to ANY.RUN, we are an online malware sandbox that helps you collect fast intelligence on malware through in-depth interactive analysis. Our Discord server is a collaborative space where you can connect with peers, share knowledge, work on projects, and enhance your expertise. In our community, you can:  -Meet peers from all over the world.   -Share your experience and collaborate on projects.  -Access our growing library of malware analysis resources and contribute to it.  -Get feedback on your work and learn from the expertise of others.  -Chat with ANY.RUN team members. We want you to have a good time here, so don’t be afraid to start conversations and share your thoughts with others.  Let’s learn and grow together!
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Sports | Education
If you love learning about football (soccer) this is the community for you! We help, discuss, and share work around all phases of the game across all leagues in the world. Daily football content is released and available for download. You can request or share your own work as well.
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Financial | Investing
Trading, forex, signals, crypto, free
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Technology | Science
Welcome to my lair! This server is mainly a hub for any ARG activities. Here you'll find a list of other Discord servers for ARGs which you can join. There's also roles you can ping to get help with a part of an ARG from someone better versed in various subjects.
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Crypto | Investing
Hello trader, you are welcome to FBS TRADING community. This community is created to help everyone on daily market signals on how to trade and make profits.
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Investing | Financial
We're a value-focused investment community where members collaborate to analyze business fundamentals and develop sound investing theses. Constructive reviews and thorough research are our priorities.
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Crypto | Financial
The CryptoGents is offering a server with a great Crypto community. We offer: Analysis on request, 1 on 1 Crypto Coaching, 40+ of the best premium calls on the market **every day**, premium analysis from the best charters on discord and much more! Join us today on
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Gaming | Community
Mhanndalorian bot is a bot for the mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). This bot allows individual users to track their GAC stats, galactic power, gear quality, mod quality, rank, raid damage, and skill rating over time. In addition, users can compare their performance to other guild members and see the performance of their guild or alliance as a whole. Each week, reports are sent out providing a breakdown of how the guild is performing in these areas. Officers will receive weekly reports that will show at a glance how every member of the guild is progressing along with members' participation in raids. Many reports can also be run on demand as well. A daily report is also available showing the upgrades players are making. Additionally, users can run a report that provides detailed information on players and another report that compares key metrics between two guilds. Mhanndalorian bot can also create events in a server to remind users of upcoming TBs and TWs.
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Investing | Business
Diamond Hands ??? ??? ??? This server is a community for people interested in stocks and trading, intended for informational purposes only. This server is for people who want access to more in depth analysis and access to premium alerts on the stock market.
Investing | Trading
Discover a platform that empowers individuals with knowledge and strategies for crypto trading, including future trading, P2P trading, and arbitrage trading. Learn how to make the most of these trading techniques to maximize your profits.
Trading | Investing
At 8 TRADING, we specialize in streamlining the world of trading, ensuring that all of our members progress through each stage effectively and as a community. Our mission is to empower traders by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the financial markets. With a dedicated team of experts, we prioritize efficiency and reliability, offering personalized solutions adapted to each person's needs. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, 8 TRADING is committed to helping you achieve your goals and maximize your potential. Join us on this journey towards financial success!
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Bot | Programming
A versatile Discord bot! With commands like "!draw" to transform text into captivating images, "!look" to recognise an image and "!ask" for engaging in intelligent conversations, Vega brings advanced AI features to your server. Whether you need to create visuals or have meaningful discussions, Vega is here to enhance your Discord experience. For more info, just execute "!help" and explore Vega's dynamic capabilities.