Gaming | eSports
MYTHIC LEGENDARIES! Is a Podcast about Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone! Hosted by two old friends that love podcasts and the games they play. Join our discord community for quick access to all of our show notes, tips, tricks, and chat about all the things your passionate about!
Gaming | Streaming
Stay in touch with Sunschein's streaming schedule and current projects. Sunschein will have a streaming schedule as follows: Streaming Saturday with Mel and Sunschein: Sunschein will play through a game with commentary from himself and Mel. Open to community suggestions for future games, but we'll start with the Witcher 3. Wildcard Wednesday: Sunschein will play through various games. Overwatch, Undertale, Psychonauts, and many many more are all on the table; community input is always encouraged.
Gaming | Hobbies
This server is for organizing games of casual (i.e. non-EDH) Magic: the Gathering play using tools such as Tabletop Simulator.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Recess Games Discord server is an extension of our retail and activity center. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and friendly place for you to get your game on! We accomplish this by offering our customers an incredible variety of games and toys to explore right in store at our convenient North Olmsted location. In addition to our purchasable selection, we have a library games for you to try out in our gaming area, so come and bring a friend or two! We also offer weekly gaming events for many of the most popular games, inviting people of all ages to come and meet other like-minded players, play the games they know and love, or learn a new game to enjoy! From casual free play to tournament events, you’ll find it at Recess.
Gaming | Meme
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.
Gaming | Hobbies
This is a server based around Wizards of the Coasts' Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game, whose primary purpose is to serve as a friendly platform of discussion for anything to do with the game and its community.
Hobbies | Anime
Come and hang, we have channels for Magic The Gathering, Fate Grand Order, and Anime, we also have a meme and NSFW channel
Gaming | Community
MTG Ryerson RU Modern Standard Cube Pauper Draft Sealed Playgroup
Gaming | Support
Gaming, Advertising, & Security Protection community!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Does the roll of a d20 evoke feelings of dread mixed with excitement? Do you prefer to lay down the cards and summon things to do your bidding? Would you like to make friends with like minded individuals? Come to the Dragon's Cauldron Bar & Grill to make friends and talk about nerdy table top games and more. +17 to join. LGBT friendly
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Plane Shift is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community. We provide discussion channels, resources and a platform to connect with people for your D&D games set in the Magic multiverse.
Gaming | Community
The best place to talk about Legends of Runeterra!
Tabletop | Meme
A cursed MTG server
Gaming | Hobbies
Our server, MTG Arena Hangout, is a network where the MTG Arena online community can come together to communicate to each other verbally over the internet, and get tips to better themselves as an MTG player. We welcome all new people.
Gaming | Hobbies
We are a community based server designed around a mix of different fandoms including Pokemon, MTG, PTCGO, MTG Arena, ESO and more! We are quickly growing, and it's going very well so far...also we have Pokécord, so feel free to come catch 'em all! There are even nsfw sections for pictures and chat, if that's your thing. Come join and have some fun!
Gaming | Tabletop
We play our own version of singleton on MTG Arena. There's a 100 card deck minium and a points list that creatively limits powerful cards. Come play tournaments and leagues in this fun fan format!
Entertainment | Gaming
Hi! We are a small community for MTG and we mainly play EDH, and we are looking to grow and have a fun time, we mainly play on cockatrice.
Gaming | Community
Official Discord of DTHMACHINE Memes, games and a great time with friends
Gaming | Community
MtGPQ Neutral Zone is an open Discord community for everyone across the multiverse. The general gathering place for all Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest players. Invite your friends and teammates to our MtGPQ Discord.
Gaming | Hobbies
Small but open community of chill people. We talk about gaming, D&D, tabletop, music, tv, movies etc. Play a bit of everything, feel free to ask for someone to play with.
Tabletop | Hobbies
Have you ever wanted to Play paper magic online?well here is the right place we play via webcam and have many.We also help people with brewing new decks