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Furry | Community | Role-Playing
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
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Furry | Community | Role-Playing
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
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Gaming | eSports
MYTHIC LEGENDARIES! Is a Podcast about Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone! Hosted by two old friends that love podcasts and the games they play. Join our discord community for quick access to all of our show notes, tips, tricks, and chat about all the things your passionate about!
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Gaming | Streaming
Stay in touch with Sunschein's streaming schedule and current projects. Sunschein will have a streaming schedule as follows: Streaming Saturday with Mel and Sunschein: Sunschein will play through a game with commentary from himself and Mel. Open to community suggestions for future games, but we'll start with the Witcher 3. Wildcard Wednesday: Sunschein will play through various games. Overwatch, Undertale, Psychonauts, and many many more are all on the table; community input is always encouraged.
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Gaming | Meme
For people that want to discuss more than just on the forums. Also Bunilla.
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Gaming | Hobbies
This is a server based around Wizards of the Coasts' Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game, whose primary purpose is to serve as a friendly platform of discussion for anything to do with the game and its community.
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Hobbies | Anime
Come and hang, we have channels for Magic The Gathering, Fate Grand Order, and Anime, we also have a meme and NSFW channel
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Gaming | Community
MTG Ryerson RU Modern Standard Cube Pauper Draft Sealed Playgroup
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Gaming | Community
The best place to talk about Legends of Runeterra!
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Gaming | Community
Official Discord of DTHMACHINE Memes, games and a great time with friends
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Gaming | Anime
A gaming community with professional support for players!
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Gaming | Tabletop
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ★ amazing Magic community 💪 ★ Magic tournaments online 🏆 ★ non-tournament gameplay 😁 ★ all kind of Magic discussions 💬 ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ "Magic Mage Masters" was founded in April 2020 when paper Magic has been discontinued basically everywhere. My goal was to create a solution to continue playing Magic with friends and new players. Today we connect Magic enthusiasts from all over the world (730+ members on our server) and are one of the most established groups for organizing and hosting huge competitive as well regular Cockatrice Magic tournaments online, supported by real Magic judges (L1, L2, L3), physical card prize pools, mtgtop8 publications, top8 streaming, and even all for free. We play using Cockatrice, Discord and Challonge. Beside tournaments, we also offer 24/7 casual play on our server and engage the community for all kind of Magic discussions.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Magic The Gathering Commander Server Where We Play Via Webcam/Phone
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Gaming | Community
MtGPQ Neutral Zone is an open Discord community for everyone across the multiverse. The general gathering place for all Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest players. Invite your friends and teammates to our MtGPQ Discord.
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Community | Gaming | Social
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Euphoria II Icon
Community | Gaming | Social
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Tabletop | Gaming
Magic: The Gathering EDH/Commander server for brewing, discussing and playing decks. We include power levels: Casual, Mid Power, High Power and Competitive! Enjoy your stay!
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Anime | Gaming
If you like Anime, Magic the Gathering, and/or Video Games this is the place for you. Lets make some new friends.
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Gaming | Community
Our server, MTG Arena Hangout, is a network where the MTG Arena online community can come together to communicate to each other verbally over the internet, and get tips to better themselves as an MTG player. We are now hosting tournaments as well, with REAL prize packs shipped, and also MTG:A packs online.
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Does the roll of a d20 evoke feelings of dread mixed with excitement? Do you prefer to lay down the cards and summon things to do your bidding? Would you like to make friends with like minded individuals? Come to the Dragon's Cauldron Bar & Grill to make friends and talk about nerdy table top games and more. +17 to join. LGBT friendly
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Tabletop | Gaming
We are a new server all about Magic: The Gathering With multiple platforms to play on, We are the most diversified MTG server out there..... W/ a Custom Bot
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Gaming | Hobbies
This server is for organizing games of casual (i.e. non-EDH) Magic: the Gathering play using tools such as Tabletop Simulator.
Role-Playing | Art
To boldly role where few have rolled before, in galaxies far far away from each other, that become inextricably entwined by twists of fate from malevolent gods who watch on the worlds of the material planes with dark desires. Come and play D&D on our Discord server and progress a character from level 1 to 20 on a single world, then extend your reach to multiple worlds and level 30 as you become a Planeswalker in our MTGA inspired universe. All our players can have multiple active characters at any one point on the server in any of the many worlds, Faerun, Wildemount, and several homebrew campaigns. Time zone: Europe, U.S.A Playstyle: We use D&D Beyond, Discord and Beyond20 or Avrae, and voice chat (camera optional). Game: 5e official content and homebrew adventures mixed. What we are looking for: Talented individuals who want to spend time as part of a community of creative people that love fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, art and music, as well as all things D&D and MTGA. Join today!
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Gaming | Hobbies
We are a gaming community, HereticZombie strives to be involved with all things nerdy. He also enjoys helping new streamers and content creators with his almost 10 years of experience!