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Codenames / Board Game Arena / Tabletop Simulator / Tabletopia / Gartic Phone / Steam Board Games / Mobile Board Games / Skribbl / Wolfy / Bomb Party
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Join a vibrant, properly seasoned, low-moisture furry community full of: - Being bad at videogames - Whining about being bad at videogames - Various levels of bullshittery - Tabletop stuff and regular events - Art! Art! Art! - Opt-in 18+ NSFW channels full of smut and sin - Spicy memes and salty dreams
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Venha curtir e jogar um RPG, Magic, Boards ou mesmo bater um papo conosco! Os Goblins estão esperando.
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This server is for organizing games of casual (i.e. non-EDH) Magic: the Gathering play using tools such as Tabletop Simulator.
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Server brasileiro para Tabletop Simulator
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Başta Tabletop Simulator olmak üzere birçok çok oyunculu oyunu oynadığımız Türk Oyun ve Sohbet Discord Sunucusu :) Herkesi bekleriz..
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Deutsche Discord Tabletop Simulator Community
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Looking for a Group? Love Board Games? Then this is the place for you!
Discord server of the Tainted Grail, Etherfields & ISS Vanguard TableTop Simulator Mods. Here you'll find te changelog of the mod, and a place to look for a group to play with.