Discord voltado para o famoso game Minecraft. Servidores com mods como pixelmon e dragon block c. Venha já fazer parte da nossa família!!!
We're a community that is mainly focused on Dragon Ball and Dragon ball xenoverse 2 in general! We offer: -Mobile Gaming -Useful and fun bots -50 emojis and 50 animated emojis -Voice channels -Gaming -Giveaways -Events -Memes -Level system and earnable roles -Non-strict rules -Self roles and active staff -Gaming channels for each plat-form -More!
Are you into Dragon Ball? Do you play Dragon Ball games? Join a new community that has yet to grow but wishes for a positive outlook on growth and interactive staff and helpers.(We are not a partner or an official associate with Bandai Namco or its subsidies.)
Hello, we are a server for the game Dragon Ball FIghterZ we are a community based off the players we allow people to look for matches, chat, have fun in voice chats. We will be hosting tournaments ( Sometimes for cash prizes) later on in the servers life. We hope you join and give it a chance hope to see you soon!.
Servidor focado em animes, temos vaga na Staf, Sorteios, cargos por LV!!!
Dragon Ball Strength Unleashed is a Dragon Ball RP Server that focuses on becoming stronger, making new allies and friends. Dragon Ball Strength Unleashed has many channels and a character bio channel to make your character in but that's optional. Many channels to go to and just let your imagination...well imagine what it looks like!
Welcome to the Dragonball Girls server. We are very brand new and need support. Come on over and chat about all your favorite female characters in the Dragonball Universe.
we are retarded people doing retarded things. we are mentally challenged alcoholics who need help. our wives have left us for this reason and we are very lonely. pls help us. we are losers.
This is a server for DBZ and Marvel. That's all I can say.
Yo, welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper! This is a fun DBZ RP server with a very chill community! The story is set in Universe 0, a unique world populated by many strong warriors. We've got a lot different races, transformations and moves and even a special fighting system! Will you become the strongest in the universe? Join today and start on your journey through the world of Dragon Ball! https://discord.gg/pcQDGFs
Its console discord for games like minecraft, anime, or even hentai or porn.
Official Shadows215 Community Discord Server. Come chill hangout and have a good time
Dokkan battle community
A large secure server with tight and loyal members who chat about all things Dragonball, life, games, and more! We've got almost everything here, come join and hang out!
Welcome to Planet Namek! We strive to be Boss. Frieza can suck a fat one. Monkeys welcome. In desperate need of Namek Hoes.
Welcome to Dokkan Akatsuki! The best server to find discussions for popular/ongoing anime, powerscaling, reaction roles, custom colors, top quality memes & hentai, game & music bots, and gacha games with a relaxed approach to moderation and a focus on community. Offensive humor encouraged!
friendly serv for people alike Anime focussed, nsfw not allowed, memes for all, (staff needed)
This server is for players who own dragon ball fusions on their 3DS. Our goal for this server is to keep the dragon ball fusions community alive while having fun at the same time.
This is a Dragon Ball server. Mainly DBZ : Kakarot but all other games or whatever involving Dragon Ball is allowed. Aiming to be active af and talk about whatever without any strict rules. Have fun boys.
This server has 200 EMOTES! Welcome to Neocrypt. This server is about anime, dragon ball and gaming. This server also has dragon ball and zero two emotes. You can also have some fun with the bots such as Pokécord, Mudae and Dank Memer.
This server is purely for combat RP - Balanced in a way so that no matter what OC you have, you can still win. This is a secondary server to Lands of Evil, however, all are welcome, this will be used for both event purposes and just regular 1 on 1 team battles organized by whoever wants to fight.
This is a server for anime and memes like the server name suggests. We're still relatively new but I'm hoping to grow this server. We have 100+ emotes so far. We just like to bullshit and have fun and we hope you do too!
This server is an extension to Lands of Evil however is purely Saiyan, no other races except them. The other server has a variety listed along with the choice to make your own, however this one carries a completely dragon ball twist to the lore, rather than implementing a fantasy aspect to it.
This servers modpack contains mods that will let you have more than a Dragonblock C experience. There are 10+ planets for you who like to go out and explore some containing very rough habitats and you better bring your space suit with you. For you techies and builders out there, there are mods wh
─────────────────────────── 𝘿𝙍𝘼𝙂𝙊𝙉 𝘽𝘼𝙇𝙇|𝙋𝙇𝘼𝙉𝙀𝙏 𝙊𝘾𝙏𝘼𝙑𝙄𝘼 シスチキラミこちりり ! Long after the events of Planet Vegeta, human as well as galactic civilizations have evolved through the eons, reaching an advanced stage in the progression of cultural human and alien evolution. The Earth as we know it has been populated by extraterrestrial life namely Namekians, Saiyans, Arcosians, and races never seen before. In that time, both sides have learned to accept each other and have since then lived together and helped one another thrive for many more years to come. Here in Octavia, you get the best of both worlds! らそかちひにち ! | 𝘿𝙍𝘼𝙂𝙊𝙉 𝘽𝘼𝙇𝙇 ───────────────────────────