Role-Playing | Anime
Yo, welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper! This is a fun DBZ RP server with a very chill community! The story is set in Universe 0, a unique world populated by many strong warriors. We've got a lot different races, transformations and moves and even a special fighting system! Will you become the strongest in the universe? Join today and start on your journey through the world of Dragon Ball!
Anime | Gaming
Its console discord for games like minecraft, anime, or even hentai or porn.
Anime | Social
Anime, K Drama, Singing.
Gaming | Anime
This is a Dragon Ball server. Mainly DBZ : Kakarot but all other games or whatever involving Dragon Ball is allowed. Aiming to be active af and talk about whatever without any strict rules. Have fun boys.
Gaming | Community
This is a new community which aims to create an Awesome environment where everyone is free to talk about Dragon ball legends, Dragon ball Super anime discussion, Pokemon Games, Anime, Other types of Anime and Games, Casual Discussions etc.
Anime | Role-Playing
All and all, a nice place to relax and rp. Just try to be active!