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hello! we are a small group of jojo fans that like to draw and mess around and would be happy to be your friend! (^v^)
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In this universe, while the end events of stone ocean, kira using Bites the Dust and the end events of Eyes of Heaven simultaneously occurred, something happened causing all three events to mix together. This resulted in the creation of a new universe where the year is 2019 and the events from parts 1 - 8 are combined, along with brand new stands being created. All Requiem stands returned back to their normal forms. The World Over Heaven got destroyed, however there is a rumor that an arrow was formed, known as the Overheaven arrow which is located in an unknown location. Who will get the arrow? That will be discovered in the rp...
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Make leg eg happy by joining. Jojo Server, Ironic Roblox server (not really)
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⛔ **Epic Meme Server Alert!** ⛔ ~ Attention all epic memers! Papi Chulo needs your help! He has made a server but no one will join it, to help him all he needs is your credit card number, and the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date! Also you **MUST** join this server now! ~ 😔 This server contains: 😔 😔 Lots of epic emotes 😔 Many epic memes 😔 Epic bots 😔 Friendly staff and members (Epic) 😔 Lots of shitposting ~ And much more to come! ~ Join today, pls.
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Welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Hope! An RP Server focusing on Story first! Throughout the Server, Parts will be made for situations and new enriching stories so I hope you have fun with 'em and the server! :D
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A slowly growing chat room for general discussions.
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A Server full of memes, dark souls, gaming and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure if you are interested in one of those things this is the perfect server for you
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click and you'll understand it my guy/woman
Anime | Community
A very epic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure themed server. We are very active and non-toxic and we host regular events. We are always looking for people to join us!
Anime | Entertainment
Jojo orientated server dedicated to obviously anything JJBA. We are a growing community and would love to have more jojo fans! Jojo memes, and shitposting we'll take ya even if you like anime or whatnot.
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A peculiar yet chill server for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans~
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Jojo’s bizarre adventure roleplay and chat.
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Jojo meme server and jojo everything
Anime | Role-Playing
A home for roleplayers that are fans of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series! Currently taking place during the neon-lit streets of 1980's Japan!
Anime | Community
We are a very small Jojo's Bizarre Adventure server and looking for members. If you join you can talk about all parts, parts 1-5 are put together but parts 6, 7, and 8 are separate. You can also post your Jojo art in one of our two art channels depending on the part it's based on. We also have meme channels divided into anime only and manga only. Join if you love Jojo. Invite your friends!
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Basically this is a discord server for all jojo fans!, though some isnt jojo, most is!
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This is the official server for the JoJo Requiem Data Pack. We have added 40+ stands from the popular manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to Minecraft. We also have an active Minecraft server for 1.15.2 that you can join after you've applied to the whitelist.
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JJBA: Planetary Ashes is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Role Playing server. We aspire to create engaging games and to make a friendly community with those in the server.
Emoji | Anime
Welcome to Jotaro's Jojo Emotes! Here we have a vast variety of animated and static emojis for you to use and enjoy, as well as many text channels to chat about JJBA! Even roles to go along with it! Have fun and stand proud!!
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This server is about jojo's bizarre adventure and gaming.
Anime | Gaming
JOJOSBIZARREADVENTURE based server filled with open staff roles, Nice, wonderful people and a safe community for Anime watchers! We also have some gamers here, feel free to join!
Anime | Art
JoJo's Bizarre Fanmade Adventure (JJFA for short) is a server for anyone who has a fanmade JoJo part or wants to create one, read others, or help others make theirs. pretty chill place with a few rules ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -1. dont be an asshole (duh.) -2. no spam (unless its in the spam channel) -3. dont start arguments -4. No fanpart elitism. ever. -5. No FanPartRun or FanWorks people. we dont mix well lol.
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A friendly, inclusive server where you can discuss and chat about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and make new friends!
Anime | Community
- Johoes Bizarre Adventure - A server for JoJo fans who are hoes for JoJo's. From anime watchers to manga readers.