A place to hang out because you follow me on Youtube or Twitch!
Plexius is a gaming community server.
Circadian City is a pixel art indie life simulation game for PC and consoles. The game takes place in a big city where you improve your hobbies, make friends, craft your personality and find a purpose to life. You play the whole 24 hours which means dreams are playable as well.
Social Video Games Hub
A server for games
Um actually...a server for nerds to hangout and meet other nerds. It's the best place to meet other nerds with similar interests. We have a lot of nerdy things going on here. Lots of thoguht provoking conversations and in depth knowledge about various things.
Braven Bit Games is a game development studio. We make games for mobile and desktop, as well as apps and bots!
**Flipping Tables Bar** The Flipping Tables Bar is a game focused community server. We don't follow just one game or topic in here, instead we offer you a place to meet new people and talk about all the different kinds of stuff you would like to talk about. We have a **Stage** for Content-Creators and Game-Developers to promote themselves and a **Karaoke** zone for talking or grouping up for some games. But that's not all! With help from our growing community we're working on implementing and improving channels and features for our server. Join us today!