Hello everyone, I hope you are having wonderful holidays so far! We are super excited to celebrate many things with all of you:

  • a belated Christmas party,
  • finally getting over with 2020,
  • reaching 5,555 members,
  • and most of all, Ubuntu Hideout being 4 years old on Jan 9!

Now, for this special occasion, we put together a huge pool of prizes for our members to win, consisting of 30 items with a total value of over $300! There are 5 Nitro gifts, 2 E-book bundles and a whole load of 23 Steam games in it!

Some important points up front about the giveaway, full detail can be found in the server itself:

  • End date: Jan 9, around 5pm UTC.
  • Participants: Every Ubuntu Hideout server member (you can still join any time), but you need Mee6 level 4 or higher at the end to be eligible for any prize. This requires around 40 minutes of chatting anywhere, to make it more fair for our active members. Spamming to level up is obviously forbidden.

Thanks for your attention, also welcome and good luck if you decide to join us.