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TW Taiwan 台灣 Dota 2
We are a group of friendly players from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia that plays CSGO. If you're interested in joining our community, feel free to join this discord. Strictly for South East Asia only. Our players varies from Global Elite to Silvers.
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台灣開發者的綜合型 Discord Server
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Official Freya Fox Discord
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The #1 Taiwanese server on Discord.
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A chinese language discord for both language enthusiasts and learners who are eager to discuss and learn Chinese!
LOL 英雄聯盟 組隊和交流群
This server is for all overseas Taiwanese compatriots. So if you are Taiwanese and live overseas, love Taiwan or is associated with Taiwan, feel free to join! We have many fun channels and bots and are very open to any new suggestions that you may have. We're also bilingual and so don't be shy and join us! 這是一個為台灣華僑創造的伺服器。若你是臺灣人和居住在海外,就算不是, 喜歡台灣的或者是跟台灣有關係的都歡迎加入我們! 英語和國語都通喔 :)