chill server live stream and update to the server no Sub4Sub or NWNS
Everybody is welcome! The Hangout is centered around meeting new people and chatting about whatever. It's a completely social space. We also support free speech!
RedAlert is an online community website focused on eSports and gaming in general.
Dies ist der Discord Server von Frshilias auf YouTube. Kommt gerne in den Server und wir haben alle viel Spaß gemeinsam.
Hello, we are the Dlive Community! We are trying to help people grow their channels which has 250 or more followers. Join now to chill, help others or even grow yourself!
Welcome to Coffee & chill zone ☆° 》*A slowly growing server, a small family perfect to be fun around and enjoy your time with, a homie place with the smell of coffee and warm cups in your hands* ~ ♡ 《°☆ *What we have around* ☆°》 **Active staff** ~🌸 ☆°》 **Friendly users** ~👥 ☆°》 **Achievable Roles & XP-Levels** ~ ⬆️ ☆°》 **Variety of entertainments channels** ~ 🤖 ☆°》 **Partners** ~ 👑 ☆°》**Spam safe** ~ 🚫 ☆°》**Music bots** ~ 🎵 ☆°》**Currency & cool shop** ~ 💎 ☆°》**Weekly events** ~ ❇ ☆°》**Weekly giveaways** ~ 💯 ☆°》**Big games giveaways for special occasions** ~🎉 ☆°》**Karaoke nights** ~ 🎤 ☆°》**Movie nights** ~🍿 ☆°》**Advertisement** ~🌐 *stop by cause we have*~ ☆°》*We have coffee and good times to offer around the clock, come on down and chill in the Coffee and Chill Zone!*《°☆
Join SUCC and experience these benefits: 👯‍♀️ A great community 🤞Dedicated Staff 🤖 Quality Robots 🆓 Giveaways & more to come! Enjoy your stay at SUCC and have fun!
CHILLING SPACE ೃ༄ A social hangout server that is both NSFW and SFW. We have tons of giveaways/events, cute egirls/eboys, and so much more! Join for a free big titty goth gf.
This is a discord server for my novel series called Lumica: The Adventure Begins. It's also a community discord server to just chill and chat. This is a LGBT friendly server as well. You can either discuss my novel or talk about anime, writing, gaming, art and plenty of other things. I have made lots of roles as well for everyone.
Na Du, (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wir sind ein neuer, lustiger Server (•ᴗ•)❤, indem viele Steam Keys verlost werden. Damit nicht immer die Gleichen gewinnen (xD), suchen wir neue Mitglieder (ღ˘ω˘ღ) Hier könnt ihr auch Musik hören, mit anderen Nutzern Schreiben & Sprechen (wer hätte es gedacht ⊙_⊙). Also: Komm zu uns! ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐
♡♡I know you're tired of joining the most toxic and boring ass servers. Well, we are too, and that's why we created DEPRESSING♡VIBES. Join in before the DEADLINE, spots will be taken QUICKLY,in here if you were bored and looking for love and great fun friends we will give you that its a fun server♡
FOR : Chilling - Gaming - Anything actually LANGUAGES : English - Arabic
💠Cee' Studio is a friendly environment for people of all ages,genders and backgrounds.We are a positive,non-toxic community.Whether you need help beating a videogame,want to chat, or just need to vent,we're the best place to be.
Hi, This is a new server, it is for sane people who just want to hang out. It is based in India for the Indian community but everyone is invited if you just want to hang out and chill.
Yo Wazzup I will not talk much, everyone is welcome on the server, we are nice, helpful and a humorous group of supporters and we want to make our server big. So it would be nice of you to visit us and check out the location. Thanks
fun friendly chatting games partnerships
Willkommen, ihr Atem-Kerne (was auch immer Breathcore bedeutet) Hier ist ein kleiner, sich im Aufbau befindender Server zum reden, zusammen zocken und mehr! Public und Private Chats vorhanden für diverse Spiele oder einfach nur so zum reden! Interesse? Join in!
Hi! Welcome to Temmies Hangout! Everything you can do in this server: -Chat with People -Enter Giveaways -Talk about gaming And Much More! Come Join us at Temmies Hangout. We will be seeing you, Temmie
Welcome to A&B's Lounge, This Is A Chilling Server And We Look Forward To Seeing New Faces And Active Members,
Join TCK to have a life altering experience in an extreme alt internet culture palooza unlike most others you've probably experienced.
Welcome to AniiArmy, where we just chilling and slack off in the server. Ofc we have cool stuff here too, come join us if you think you can be active! __________________________ -A lot of bots -Self assigned roles -Pokecord -Gambling -Character Guessing -Giveaways -Memes -Music chilling -Game nights -Arts/Animations -Spam Channel -NSFW Channel -Leveled Roles -Number counting -Trivia -Gaming -Voice channels
General Modding General Modding is a chill server we're trying to bring back from the dead! Why don't you help us by joining! - Fun Bots! - Great Admin! - Staff Needed!
Willkommen auf Kochkopf! Dieser Server ist dafür da um: - Neue Leute kennenzulernen! - Trashtalk und Deeptalk zu vereinen! - Spaß zu haben! - Einfach vom Alltag zu fliehen! - und um zu spielen, bis die Bindehautentzündung einen Ohnmächtig macht! Und prägt euch die #regeln ein, sonst kommt der Admin und es gibt Backenfutter! Wir freuen uns auf jeden Neuzugang und wünschen eine Respektvolle aber auch entspannte Zeit auf unseren Server!
Memes,Chatting,Chilling and fun
Simple Server for Chilling
[ 💎 ]War of the Voice[ 💎 ] [ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ] [ 🌟 ]A singing server to help improve [ 🌟 ]Weekly Exams/events [ 🌟 ]Nice staff members [ 🌟 ]We help everyone and were always here if you need us [ 🌟 ]Support us at [ 🌟 ]Join us at|
JollyNation is a gaming hangout. We create lots of animations, manga, and cross-platform video games. Plus come and hangout with youtubers, streamers, and our discord and gaming staff.
This server is for everyone who's interested in making new friends and spending their time chilling. You can suggest some more topics for the room you want to. Loving is caring and that's what we do♥️
Welcome to Relax Lounge, a community discord server. Here on Relax Lounge, we strive to be a healthy community full of friendly people who will accept anyone, and we have fun! We also have many features, some of which are listed below. We offer: ◎ Art ◎ Bots ◎ Events ◎ Selfies ◎ Memes ◎ Movie nights ◎ Free advertising ◎ Active members ◎ Self-assignable roles ◎ A channel for your pets ◎ Politics & debate channels ◎ Outstanding staff members ◎ You can level up by talking in chat
We're a small collective of friends and other friendly strangers just looking to have a good time, make memes, and enjoy our youthful days. If you'd like to join the Squad, grab a snack, relax because you're going to be staying for a while ;).
Server info ☾ Games ☽ ☾ Anime ☽ ☾ Chatting ☽ ☾ Chilling ☽ ☾ Memes ☽ ☾ Leveling roles ☽ ☾ Nsfw ☽
A medieval/kingdom based server. Brand new with experienced staff and a variety of chats to see and roles to select. Come join now!