YouTuber | Role-Playing
This is a server for Roblox players, specifically Bloxburg players.
Meme | Gaming
We love Garfield, Garfield Kart and memes. The rules are incredibly lax and no matter how ironically you participate, we're just glad that you're here. In fact, most people in the server dont' actually care about Garfield whatsoever, but slowly start caring about it because of our server!
Anime | YouTuber
RLFS (Rocket League Freestyle Series) is a community-driven YouTube channel, who like to give people a chance in the spotlight on our YouTube channel. We professionally edit video's into compilations, edits and montages and your clip could be featured on our YouTube channel! If you think you have a clip worthy of submitting, feel free to send it in on our Discord server!
Art | YouTuber
Fan of Gacha? Want to make more friends? This is the perfect server for you!
Design | Community
Thrive Design is for design and editing buyers and editors/designers that want to sell or learn.
Role-Playing | Furry
Social | Community
Art | Community
Looking for a server full of creativity. A server full of supportive members? Well look no further, this server is for you! There is an easy way to express your creativity and receive feedback from others. Show your edits on videostar and just let your imagine go wild!
Art | Social
The Art Palace is a server to showcase your artwork, do commissions, make new friends, participate in the giveaways and weekly contests, and much more!