Art | YouTuber
Fan of Gacha? Want to make more friends? This is the perfect server for you!
Art | Community
Welcome to Editing Center. Find help from people on our editing server with aftereffects, sonyvegas, videostar, alightmotion, cutecut, and kinemaster. You can find presets, software, plugins, stores, videos, and more!
Meme | Gaming
Server on games, songs and memes.
Community | Social
A server for gacha editors, gachatubers, gacha artists or just people who like using gacha!
Hobbies | Gaming
JOIN our Discord to get early access to Powder - record, edit and share you best gaming clips
YouTuber | eSports
In this channel you can see when and how I will have my giveaways and also find people to play with and just talk to each other and have fun =) Welcome!
Anime | Community
a fun aesthetic server Founded by neo_edits__ on instagram!
Art | Community
Welcome to Novaa's Edit & Design Community! We are a server based on Desingning & Editing. You also can look for teammates in the desired channel. We have a leveling system were you can gain ranks by just chatting! The server offers a nice and friendly community and staff. Do you have any problems with Desinging or Editing? You can ask for help to our other members or staff. We have several voice channels where you can meet new friends or just chill! If you have any suggestions, please send me a private message.