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We are mainly a gaming and chatting server! We are active daily and are very very sarcastic.
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MYTHOSCRAFT is a community based around a Minecraft modpack that is themed around adventure,RPG,fantasy play style with a growing multiplayer server and ever expanding world. features include -The modpack is free to download and is really small -a 1.12.2 server that is up and open to join 24/7. -an active admin group -constantly getting updates -hard survival with a strong high risk high reward mindset -real seasons, -different food impacts, -Teleportation through sign posts (like in the Witcher) and magic, -a ton of new biomes -buildable airships/normal vessals -tameable dragons -tons of quests to follow -skills and so much more join our discord for where you can get the modpack and to chat with us
WixardMC Is the discord server of our 1.15.2 Java SMP Minecraft Server,! We have a friendly community and staff. • Custom world generation • 24/7 Uptime • Stable and lag free server • Anti cheat • Ranks and much more!