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We have games,vc for watching movies and interacting with others,roles and limited edition roles,and more!!Mods are needed
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Hello and welcome to Turdle, the Discord server for an upcoming Minecraft project! This started as a realm but exploded and now we're making a server! Now hiring, new players welcome!
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Bienvenue sur le serveur ShutDown France ! Ce serveur est INDISPENSABLE si vous êtes un joueur PC / PS4 / XBOX / SWITCH ! Mais, quoi ?!? Effectivement, nous collectionnons chaque heure les informations des services de jeu comme Fortnite, Paladins, RealmRoyale ! Plus aucune excuse pour ne pas jouer ! Pourquoi dois-je venir pour voir si des serveurs marchent ? Simplement parce-que c'est grave à vous que notre serveur collectionnera les données, vous avez la possibilité de signaler un problème sur les serveurs, problèmes de connexion, problèmes le site web en 1 CLIQUE ! Soyez au courant du pourquoi votre jeu est en panne !
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Have Fun
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A server for all kinds of people. From those who like anime and those who enjoy gaming! Must be 13 years or older to enter as per Discord ToS
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LightCrafts goal is to bring multiplayer to Xbox and switch where they have no add server button only join realm. If your looking for a realm like this join LightCraft discord so we can invite you!
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Samsville City Is A Free To Play Roleplay Realm, With A City, Military Base, Jobs And More.
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🍒 Daily Questions 🍒 Memes 🍒 Venting channel 🍒 Self roles 🍒 Server and YouTube channel promotions! 🍒 Friendly Staff
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Hello to the person who's reading this. We are the Legion, a server meant for anyone to join and feel welcome. We do have a fair amount of rules for you to follow, but as it stands with every other server, as long as you follow them, this is a place to just enjoy being in. We hope that we'll be able to grow to a point where you'll be able to find people who are just like you. As it stands, we are already somewhat approaching our goal with an increasing number of people joining, and that's thanks to all of you who decided to join! Even if you're going to be inactive most of the time, everyone is welcome. There are more things I'd love to say, but I'm running out of space. So without further ado, I welcome you to the Legion.
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LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO JOIN OUR SMP! We have a cute SMP that we’re working on, and you can join-! ★ Bedrock SMP ★ Pocket Edition ★ Chill Community ★ Minecraft Realm ★ { Hurry Join }
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A Friendly Minecraft Server With A Realm And Active Mods. Safe Space! Child Friendly:)
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Hey! This Discord Server Is Really Fun! We Go on The Ugly Hills Minecraft Realm and play! The Ugly Hills Minecraft Realm is a realm is a realm where we build houses inside of hills! It looks very cool! How this works! First, We start off in creative and build away. Stores, houses, buildings and many more! Second, once everyone is done building the city we put everyone on survival. Third, we make a currency and function like a normal city. People get jobs, buy houses and make golden nugget (which would be the currency). It would be like a fun role play! Please take a second out of your day and join, i will add you to the realm and you can show off your building skills!
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Welcome to the kingdom of Camelot! Chat and roleplay with us, have fun! You can be the greatest magician or the strongest paladin; you choose~ What stories are waiting for you and with who? Join to discover it~🌾
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Meet people, make clans, spite war, make treaty's, the possibility's are endless on the MKB SMP for Bedrock