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============================ We are server hosting and creating team that offer a wide variety of servers, like factions, prisons, skyblock, and so much more. Here at Phoenix Framework we are dedicated to developing and make sure that servers that are as lag free and high quality as possible Our Current Servers Included: Phoenix Factions Phoenix Factions Fire Coming Sept - Nov 2020 Phoenix Prison Coming 2021 Discord: ============================
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IronRealms offers free Minecraft Servers, competitive with Minecraft Realms for you and your friends to easily create and play together. The experience is purely lobby-based, so there's no need for complicated server setup - we took care of that for you! We have a freemium business model, so servers are entirely free, however upgrades are available for your server for cheap! Our staff and admins are very experienced in the industry and features big names from other free server hosts. In the contrary to those hosts, we offer fun over funds. We are not looking to deepen our coffers, rather, host an enjoyable community experience! Lastly, we will soon host our own custom-coded games, as well as a custom panel competitive with Pterodactyl and Multicraft very soon!
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HC Public is a hacker, griefer, bot and troll free Minecraft Bedrock Edition server. Our server is online 24/7. We have an anti cheat system so that players can't go to creative mode or op themselves.
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LightCrafts goal is to bring multiplayer to Xbox and switch where they have no add server button only join realm. If your looking for a realm like this join LightCraft discord so we can invite you!
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A World of magic where almost everyone is born with powers. Those who aren't can buy magic objects to give them powers.
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The Craft Kings is a content creation company that focuses on Minecraft. We provide new experiences for players with modded realms and worlds. Players can join our hub to hang out and apply to join one of our fun worlds.
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A place where you can chill, make friends and play minecraft. realms/servers/hypixel bedwars. come and have fun!
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the discord server to its dedicated mostly-vanilla bedrock minecraft realm. still looking for actives to play. we also have a bunch of color roles to choose from!
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join for a cookie you have 40000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 seconds to join take your time i will wait