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AltionMC AltionMC is a PvP-Factions server that is opening in august, with more than $800 of FTOP payouts, the server is all about competition ! Here is some features of the Savanna Realm releasing in august (Factions) : - Factions Shield - 12 Members Limit - 18 Roster Size - MoneyPrinter - SandBots - Custom Enchantments - Canes top, F top all things that you need for competition ! - More and more ! Other : Store : Discord : Rules : Twitter : Hope you join my invitations, I am inviting you for the invitations conquest ($50 Paypal to win)
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An official Minehut project! More information to come soon!
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============================ We are server hosting and creating team that offer a wide variety of servers, like factions, prisons, skyblock, and so much more. Here at Phoenix Framework we are dedicated to developing and make sure that servers that are as lag free and high quality as possible Our Current Servers Included: Phoenix Factions Phoenix Factions Fire Coming Sept - Nov 2020 Phoenix Prison Coming 2021 Discord: ============================
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Welcome To DawnPvp, A Faction Server that works for everyone! We include custom enchantments, custom plugins, custome ore, and many more!
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1.12 Minecraft server. Friendly staff and players. Brand new. All feedback by players willbe listened to.
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Welcome to the logicflame MC network This network features Factions(1.8.9+), Survival(1.13.2),Prisons(1.8.9+) and Event hosted every Sunday
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Server Hub is a new and upcoming server that is designed for Team Leaders of the gamemodes : Factions, Skyblock, Prisons and HCF To find a new server with Big Payout to play on. We are looking for server Owners To post ads in our discord, Free for the first 25 Server owners.
NexusMC Map 1 August 1st, 3:00PM EST Factions Top In total, we will be having $400 Paypal in prizes. Here is the breakdown. First Place - $175 PayPal & $200 Buycraft Second Place - $125 PayPal & $150 Buycraft Third Place - $100 PayPal & $125 Buycraft Fourth Place - $70 Buycraft Fifth Place - $55 Buycraft Sixth Place - $45 Buycraft Seventh Place - $35 Buycraft Eight Place - $25 Buycraft Ninth Place - $15 Buycraft Tenth Place - $5 Buycraft