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ParadiseMC is a Minecraft OP Prison server
Small minecraft network
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We are a new amazing server, that will give you a special feeling when ur fighting other people. This server is based on an old server called MineBrawl. We didn't wan't to make it 100% the same, but it's a newer remake of it!. U need to try to get as much stuff as possible to be the best player on t
Welcome to Altum, a multiplayer Minecraft server dedicated to providing players with the best Minecraft Prison server experience.
PrisonBreak Backup Server by RoadToPetabyte Join for more similar server
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LuaGames, a refined minecraft experience. Custom Spawners, Creative Build Battles and World Edit, Epic Voting Rewards, Friendly Community, Prison Plots, Fun, Friendly community and more!
We are a new minecraft server recruiting for new staff and looking for new members! We currently have Prison up and running and are developing Factions!
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Discord server for a new upcoming Minecraft prison server.
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A Discord for the Disastrous Network's Minecraft server. We have Factions with Prison, Skyblock and KitPvP coming soon.
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PillageCraft is the discord that the PillageCraft Network uses to engage with out community and give updates on new and exciting projects that we launch. In this discord, you will see some of the following posts including: Announcements of future projects, staff recruitments, sales on our store, and much more! If you are a fan of minecraft networks and are looking for something new with exciting and entertaining content, then come on up and join us here at, Pillage Craft!
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Ever felt like living in the dirty yet busy streets of the future? Visit Neon District. This young server has toggling roles to switch roles to play as different groups including the Syndicate, Cops, Hackers, etc with a beautiful way of solving RP disputes.
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SkyPrison is a prison located hundreds of meters above civilization. This prison consists of several floating islands which you can unlock by ranking. Rise in rank by earning money and completing tasks on each island. As you head for freedom, you may come across not-so-friendly prisoners. Fortunatel
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Hello There! This discord server is the official one for the easyPrison OPprison minecraft server, so what are you waiting for come on join in!
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Official Discord for the Pluteria Minecraft Server Come and play a brand new community-based prison server known as Pluteria. Packed with exciting features that will keep you hooked for hours such as.. » Exciting Challenges » Unique Enchantments » Starbase System » Drovak Trials ..and more! IP Address: Website: Discord: Store:
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* NEW MINECRAFT (java edition) 1.8 SERVER * Bungee based server, OP pvp, Prison, Anarchy + more to come! Staff applications will be open as soon as OP pvp releases!
Mugcraft is a minecraft classic prison server with more to come! Come and join and have fun on Mugcraft Server today!
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A fun discord server for a Minecraft Server. This server is a Minehut Java ESCAPE FROM JAIL! This will include many fun stages like: A maze, a mob arena, shops, a jungle, a city, ect.
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Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can roleplay your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid.
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Welcome to Lethean Network! ~ Skyblock Payouts! ~ Factions Payouts! ~ Looking For Staff! ~ We are a Minecraft community that strives towards bringing back the classical versions of server game modes with also adding new content!