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A friendly & welcoming dinosaur discord for those who love dinosaur art, gaming and/or roleplay. We play games like Isle, Beasts of Bermuda, ARK & Path of Titans ~ We aim to make a friendly & fun environment to play and make friends! Hope to see you there! View our community site here:
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Jurassic Universe is a place for fans to discuss anything related to the Jurassic Park franchise or paleontology in general, and a great place to make new friends with the same interests!
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Dinosaurs is the official discord server for "The Isle" game server with the same name. We are a community based on respect, kindness, maturity and most of all fun. We all share the same passion. We're thriving for high-quality game experience and to achieve this, we have a strict set of rules and a high-end gaming server. But we can't achieve this without you, so please familiarize yourself with our rules in the next channels. Enjoy your time!
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A fun, dino themed age regression server jam packed with roleplay and kin channels! Sfw and welcoming!
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The Isle Server [EU] Midgard - NO RULES / All Dinos
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New Isle Server
Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a Semi-Realism Isle server. We are based on a game called "The Isle". If you would like to play with us, come and join!
Gaming | Community
ARKADE is an Ark Survival Evolved community.
Gaming | Community
TriassicArc Gaming's HQ Discord for all of our gaming community's needs.
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The MezDen is a Semi-realism Path of Titans-dedicated server. This positive community welcomes Titan players of all paths, whether it's realism (full or loose), Role play, chill, survival and more. Enjoy your stay!
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to an adventure 65 million years in the making... Welcome to Jurassic World is a new Jurassic World role-play server that takes on the following question: What would have happened if the Nublar Incident of 2015 never happened, and the park was left to thrive? Set in 2014, WTJW offers role-players the opportunity to answer this question. Upon joining WTJW, you will be able to RP as a human working for the park, and a dinosaur! With 8 sectors that you can work in (Science, Security, ACU, Management, Paleoveterinary, Control Room, Trainers/Keepers, and Park Management), as well as over 45 dinosaur species you can role-play as, you can let your own imaginations lead the way! So come on down, and join us in our tropical adventure! Please try not to get eaten during your stay...
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Ability to join iconic factions and groups. Make packs and herds, or join one. Freedom to create OCs, or tryout for a canon. The list of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures are extensive. All 6 islands are available to roleplay in. Friendly and helpful staff team. Chill community, void if toxicity.
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Our community is all about Dinosaurs and Games with Dinosaurs! We current run a Beasts of Bermuda server, and plan to add The Isle and Path of Titans to this list in the future. We love hosting mini-games, events, tournaments, hunts and elite battles! Come join in on the fun! Happy Hunting ♥
Art | Furry
Art server for the Gigglepup species, where we have galleries, a dedicated story channel, frequent free MYO’s and events, and more!
Education | Entertainment
Bienvenido a la Guarida del Carnotauro ✨. Aquí podrás charlar, hacer directos, participar en eventos, aprender un montón de temas científicos y culturales, ganar un montón de premios en sorteos y hacer un montón de cosas más, ¡Vamos!
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This server will provide information to those who seek news, announcements, and similar information on a singular platform. This will make it simpler for those who have many Discord servers open!