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Jurassic Universe is a place for fans to discuss anything related to the Jurassic Park franchise or paleontology in general, and a great place to make new friends with the same interests!
The year is 2031, The dinosaurs roam the north american territory while the humans battle against the dinosaurs. What will you do in the ongoing struggles between the 2 species co-existence? We are a extremely new server made to be a Dinosaur-Human roleplay server as an alternative universe in the Jurassic World/Park franchise, What we have: —Role rewards! Will unlock more things to create and RP as in this server! —2 Starter creatures you can be, Small dinosaurs and Humans! —An area where dinosaur ocs can be in! It'd be greatly appreciated for any suggestions and ideas for more Roleplay areas. If this seems somewhat too familiar, I(Asquri) am the same person that made the Fallen Lands server.